Sleep Medicine Conferences March 2013

Date Presenter/Topic Conference

Friday, March 1

David Raizen, MD, PhD
“Complex Clinical Case Management”

Clinical Case Conference

Monday, March 4

Brijesh Malkani, MD
"The Use of Nasal EPAP in the Treatment of OSA"

Clinical Case Conference

Friday, March 8

Jerome Siegel, PhD
Director, Center for Sleep Research,
UCLA Department of Psychiatry
"Role of hypocretin (orexin) in narcolepsy, Parkinson’s and
normal behavior"

CSCN Seminar Series
Smilow Translational Research Center, SCTR 11-146AB

Thursday, March 14

Michael Grandner, PhD
“Objective Estimation of Sleep
with Actigraphy: History, Basic Principles, and Application
to Sleep Disorders”

Clinical Case Conference

Friday, March 15

John Zimmerman, PhD
"Extracellular Measurements of
Metabolites during Sleep/Wake"

Journal Club


Wednesday, March 20

Liz Culnan

CHOP Sleep Shorts

Thursday, March 21

Mathias Basner, MD, PhD, MSc
Rupp TL, et al. "Trait-like vulnerability to total and partial sleep loss" SLEEP 2012

Journal Club


Friday, March 22

Sofia Konstantinopoulou, MD
“Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome”

Clinical Case Conference

Wednesday, March 27


Hans P.A. Van Dongen, PhD
Research Professor
Sleep and Performance Research Center
Washington State University
“Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Dissociated Components of Cognition”

CSCN Seminar


Friday, March 29

Rae Silver, PhD
Helene L. and Mark N. Kaplan Professor of Natural & Physical Sciences
Columbia University
"The Tissue is the Issue: Signal
Processing Systems of the Brain’s Master Clocks"

CSCN Seminar Series
Smilow Translational Research Center, SCTR 11-146AB


Sleep Conferences are held 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. in Suite 201 at 3624 Market Street

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