Pack Lab

Allan Pack and Mirek MackiewiczDr. Allan Pack is pursuing research on genetics/genomics of sleep apnea. His laboratory is conducting studies in Drosophila and mice and translating these findings to humans. A particular focus of Dr. Pack’s work is to evaluate whether there are genetic determinants to outcomes of sleep apnea, in particular, sleepiness. Studies are ongoing to evaluate molecular mechanisms of sleepiness and sleep promotion using both hypothesis-driven and discovery science. Techniques being used include behavioral/sleep studies in Drosophila and mice, RT-PCR, Western analysis of protein, expression profiling, laser microcapture dissection, and immunohistochemistry. Dr. Pack is committed to research training and directs two training grants from the National Institutes of Health.


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Rotation Projects


University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1967, MB, ChB
University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1976, PhD (Mathematical models of lung function)

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