Move Jobs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

About Move Jobs

How do I put in a Move Request
The process is started by entering a SPO*TS  Move Request at
Are Move Jobs handling electronics handled differently than Move Jobs involving other items (equipment, furniture, etc).
•         Move Requests for electronics can only be completed if a PMACS tag is displayed prominently and attached to the items to be moved.  Electronics includes anything with memory, e.g. computers, printers, copiers, scanners
•         Keyboards, mice, etc. need to be bundled into a bag or box.
While move staff are here, can I request additional items be added that do not appear on my Move Request?
Our Service Assistants will need to contact the Move Supervisor for approval.  May require an additional Move Request if items don’t fit, require much additional time, or require additional staff.
Who is my Building Administrator?
For a listing of our buildings and their corresponding Building Administrator, please see our staff page (
How much does each move job cost?
$85 per Move Request Number.
How many items can I put on one Move Request?
You can put up to 5 items on one Move Request. This is dependent upon the size, weight, shape, type of moving equipment that may be needed, distance of move.  Your Building Administrator, or the Move Supervisor, may deny your request if there are too many items or if we are unable to complete moving all items because they are too large, too heavy, or awkwardly-shaped for our staff.  If anything has to be moved out of the way in order to transport the items, this needs to be included in the Move Request.
Who do I contact about removing packing materials from hallway?
You can contact your Building Administrator. They will usually instruct the following, and should inform you that there may be an additional charge:
- Wood pallets / crates: Put in Move Request
- Cardboard – Contact housekeeping
When will move jobs actually occur?
Beginning with Requests dated November 4, 2013, moves will be done twice each week:
• On Tuesdays, moves will occur between 7a and 9a. 
• On Thursdays, moves will occur between 4p and 6p.
The requester, or their designate, needs to be present for the move job.

Three appointment slots are set up for each Tuesday and Thursday.  The requester will be contacted by our staff once we receive the Building Administrator approval for the Move Request, and the move appointment will be scheduled in R25.  Consistent with SPO*TS Room Requests and AV Requests, Move Requests will be responded to/confirmed within 48 hours of the Building Administrator's approval, and the requester will receive an R25 confirmation of the appointment.
What increment will moves be billed in?
Move jobs will be billed per Move Request at $85 per request.
How many staff are assigned to complete the Move Request?
The number of staff assigned is at the Supervisor's discretion, depending on the items and required safety precautions.  It could be one person, or it could be four people. There is no additional charge if we need to add additional staff to a move job.
How many moves can be done in a week?
This will depend on the move.  We are slotting 6 moves per week -- 3 on Tuesday morning, 3 on Thursday afternoon/evening; however, some moves may require us to combine slots in order to complete the single move, others may allow us to double-up on a slot.
The scope of my Move Request has increased since I submitted my request. Who do I contact? - Increase in Number of Items:   Services Assistant will need to contact the Move Supervisor for approval.  Since moves are now performed on an appointment basis, if the additional items result in needing more time or an additional trip, a new Move Request will need to be submitted. 
- Path Needs to be Cleared:  If items need to be moved out of the way in order to obtain access to the item(s) specified on the Move Request, you may need to put in an additional move request and reschedule your move appointment.
- Computing Items:  For computing items without PMAC tags, you will need to contact PMACS to have a tag put on item
- Hard-Wired Items, Connected Water or Gas: For items requiring disassembly, you will need to contact you Building Administrator
For hard-wired electric or hard-piped water without tag, you will need to contact your Building Administrator to have item(s) disconnected
- Hazardous Material or equipment housing hazardous materials:  You will need to contact your Building Administrator and EHRS for proper preparation for equipment
- Lab Equipment:  (such as incubators), you will need to contact your Building Administrator and EHRS
- Scientific Equipment / Items under warranty:  Items covered under warranty or terms-of-use may require professional movers or manufacturer rep specification


Preparation For My Move

My Move Request has been approved and the  time/date has been scheduled for completion.  Do I need to do anything in preparation for the scheduled completion date? •         Pathways to move items are clear
•         Ensure items requiring disassembly or disconnecting are done
•         Ensure any/all tags are properly displayed (e.g. PMACS, EHRS, Move Request, Building Administrator instructions)
•         Items requiring reassembly are coordinated with your Building Administrator
Do items need to be wrapped-up in a certain way? •         Loose items should be boxed
•         Any paperwork needs to be properly displayed and attached to the items to be moved
•         Boxes and/or other containers need to be properly sealed (taped, plastic wrap, etc).
Do you check for issues with moving large items through doorways /hallways? This should be coordinated with your Building Administrator.  The Building Administrators review each Move Request.   Their approval generally indicates that the items are able to be moved from a building perspective; however, if you have any concerns, they can be discussed during the appointment-setting with the Move Supervisor.  If we find that we cannot move an item, you won’t be charged for the Move Request, and we will refer you to your Building Administrator to work out the details of moving your item(s).



During My Move

Can you disconnect this desk for us? For items requiring disassembly, you will need to contact you Building Administrator prior to our staff arriving.
Do I need to empty my file cabinet / desk drawers / refrigerator / etc. for your staff to move it? Yes. All items need to be emptied and/or drained.
Does someone need to be present during the move job?  Can’t the SSAs get access from Security? The person submitting the request,or their designate, will need to initial the request and be available in case there are questions.  Security arrangements can be handled during the appointment-setting discussion.
Are you able to disconnect or hook-up my equipment / electronics / machinery prior to or after moving? No. We are not permitted to do any disconnecting and/or hooking up of any items. You will need to contact your Building Administrator.
Who do we contact if we cannot make our appointment? You can contact Martin English 215-694-2172 (Cell) or Waverly Coleman at 267-246-0742 (Cell) as soon as possible.  If you are making contact between the hours of 8 and 5, you can also reach them at the office number, 215-573-6785.  Requests to cancel must be made no later than 24 hours prior to move job to avoid any fees. If you are canceling your request, you must send an email to:
What constitutes 5 items? In most instances, each item our staff will need to move is one item. Regular sized computers and regular sized flat screen monitors will usually be combined as one item. Large computer towers and large computer monitors (ex. 42 inch monitor or old tube monitors) will be considered one item each. During the appointment setting for your Move Job, the Move Supervisor will discuss this with you.
If I request an item to be moved that I no longer need, what happens to my item(s)? Your Building Administrator will determine what will happen with your item(s).
- If it is a recycling item, it will be sent to MOD V.
- If it is trash, it will be sent to our loading dock for trash pick-up.
-If you have a significant amount of still-useful items, e.g. chairs, file cabinets, etc., they may be saved for future use elsewhere or in some cases, they may be refurbished and recycled.