Research Alcohol

General Information

Hours of Operation:
Tuesdays and Fridays 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Telephone Numbers: 215-573-8100
Alcohol Coordinator: Martin English
Financial Analyst: Alketa Ndoka

Research Alcohol is ordered through the BRB II/III  Alcohol Service Center and must be picked up at the BRB loading dock  by a lab member.  Alcohol Service Center staff do not deliver alcohol.

If you have any questions about the safe handling, use, or disposal of ethyl alcohol please contact EHRS at (215) 898-4453.

Ordering Alcohol

Alcohol orders are approved at 3:00PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Alcohol orders are not approved on days in which the Alcohol Service Center is open.

Your alcohol order cannot be filled unless the lab member picking up the alcohol has a copy of the final approval email. The final approval email is sent to the person who requested the alcohol once the quantity ordered and budget code have been approved.

The subject of the final approval email will be: Alcohol Order ____ Is Ready for Pick-up…

Lab Alcohol Order Form (PennKey and password required).   

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