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Infectious waste: Potentially infectious waste includes all waste items that are contaminated with or suspected of being contaminated with blood, blood products, and other body fluids, as well as research materials that may cause an infection.  This waste stream may contain pathogens with sufficient virulence and quantity so that exposure of a susceptible host to the waste could result in an infectious disease.
Stericycle, Inc.: Vendor responsible for disposal of Penn's biohazardous/infectious waste.
Sharps: Any material that has the potential to puncture through a waste bag (needles, scalpels, razor blades, broken glass, plastic ware, syringes, serological pipettes, pipette tips, or medical instruments).
Recyclable Sharps Container: Red 17-gallon sharps containers with black lids that are emptied and replaced by Curtis Bay, Inc.
Curtis Bay, Inc.: Vendor responsible for Penn’s biohazardous/infectious sharps container recycling program.


  1. All infectious waste, including red bag waste and non-recyclable sharps containers, must be properly packaged and taken to the autoclave room on your floor before being picked up by the PSOM SPO Infectious Waste Staff.
  2. PSOM SPO Infectious Waste Staff will remove the autoclaved infectious waste from each floor.  Stericycle will pick up and incinerate all autoclaved infectious waste from the PSOM.
  3. Labs that do not participate in the Curtis Bay recyclable sharps container program are responsible for purchasing the materials for and disposing of autoclaved sharps materials.
  4. Smaller sharps containers may be purchased by the lab group and disposed of through the infectious waste stream.

More Information:

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General Information

If you would like more information on the Curtis Bay program, please visit and .

If you would like to participate in the Curtis Bay program, please contact James Frank at or 443-257-5195 to review enrollment options.

If you have questions concerning the use of disposable sharps containers, please contact Dave Farraday at or 215-573-9591.

Glassware buckets will be supplied by SPO at no cost to the lab.  Housekeeping will be responsible for emptying glassware buckets. 

All non-sharps infectious waste must be taken to the autoclave room and the infectious waste must be autoclaved before being picked-up by Infectious Waste Staff.

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