SCTR Lab Operations

Overview of Services:
DI Water: point of use units provide type 2 and type 1 water by project. After first year of service occupying programs assume annual maintenance of units.
Sharps: reusable sharps containers provided by EHRS approved vendor (Curtis Bay Energy, inc.). Beginning in FY14 participation is by opt-in with service line P.O. by occupying org.
Biohazardous (Infectious) Waste: pick-up of autoclaved material, boxing and holding on concourse level by SPO. Disposed via incineration by EHRS approved vendor (Stericycle, Inc.).
EHRS: collection of chemical and radioactive waste (web request).  Radionuclide distribution facility located in SCTR room G-105.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2): bulk tank and central distribution to lab benches. Charges to occupying programs based upon usage.
Liquid Nitrogen: bulk tank and concourse level filling station; distributed by SOM auxiliary enterprise. NOT IN SERVICE AT THIS TIME
Central Glass Wash: ground level facility operated by vendor contract (Crothall). Cost to occupying programs based on actual usage as a percentage of total operating expense.
Ice Machines: provided on each floor by project; maintenance by occupying organizations.
Dry Ice: provided by occupying programs.
Research Alcohol: distributed by SPO at concourse level pick-up window.
Mail: distributed by SPO at concourse level pick-up window.
Distribution: second priority and all ground shipments received at concourse level and distributed by SPO to desktop. Perishables have priority. UPS/FedEx will deliver first priority directly to desktop
Fume Hoods: maintained by HUP Physical Plant. Annual certification by EHRS.
Biological Safety Cabinets: Annual certification provided by EHRS approved vendor (Microclean, Inc.), coordinated by EHRS. Cost of annual certification is charged directly to occupying program.

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