Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About:


How do I order ethyl alcohol?
Ethyl alcohol (190 and 200 proof) can be ordered from the Alcohol Service Center. To place an order, go to the Alcohol Order web page, and submit the form.  When the order is approved you will receive an email.  Print out that email and bring it with you when you pick up your alcohol.

Alcohol can be picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:00 to 4:00 PM by going to the service window of Distribution Services on the first floor of BRB II/III.

Is alcohol delivered?
No. Alcohol orders are not delivered. The department is responsible for picking up its order from the Distribution Services.

How do I dispose of empty alcohol bottles?
EMPTY containers should be triple rinsed, labels defaced, then they may be disposed in the regular trash. If bottles/containers are glass, they should go in lab glassware buckets.

FY15 Alcohol Prices (increase effective February 1st, 2015)

Case Pricing:
200 proof gallon case: $98.00/case
200 proof pint case: $100.00/case
190 proof gallon case: $105.00/case
190 proof pail: $105.00/pail

Unit Pricing:
200 proof single gallon $24.50/gallon
200 proof single pint: $4.17/pint
190 proof single gallon: $25.00/gallon

Alcohol is distributed every Tuesday and Friday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
Alcohol orders can be placed here:



Digital Signage Posting Instructions: Research Zone (click to download instructions)

The Research Program Development Division (RPDD) manages requests for postings to the research zone of the PSOM electronic lobby signage boards.


Please send all requests and / or questions regarding digital signage postings to Connie Weinstein at, or call 215-898-0132.

All flyers to be posted on digital signage should include the following information:

Please review the signage standards developed by the Space Planning & Operations Media Technology and Production group. Please note that events may be posted to the digital signage board no earlier than two weeks prior to the date of the event unless the event has an advance registration requirement.

Your flyer can also be posted to the Research Calendar by clicking on the [+] in the upper right corner of the date and adding the event details.



Mail Room

What is the schedule for pick up and delivery of mail?
Mail is no longer be delivered to sub-stations. All departmental mail must be picked-up at the BRBII/III mailroom window. All mail will be ready for departmental pickup Monday through Friday between the hours of 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. The mailroom is located in 133 BRBII/III, adjacent to the BRBII/III lobby.

All out-going mail can be dropped off at substations or taken directly to the BRB mailroom. Although delivery of mail to sub-stations is discontinued, we continue to pick-up out-going mail at all sub-station locations. Out-going mail will be collected from substations every morning by 9:00 AM.

What is the correct way to address an inter-office envelope?
Please use a complete address. A complete address includes:
Addressee’s Full Name
Room/Lab Number
Full Building Name
Correct Mail Code

Whom do I notify in the case of a new address?
If your department or an office or lab within your department is moving, notify the mailroom in WRITING. Send an e-mail to Willie Williams and Waverly Coleman, Distribution Services Supervisors,,

You must also notify the United States Postal Service by going to the post office and filling out a change of address card. There is a Post Office located at 3000 Chestnut Street. The Postal Service can also change your address over the phone (1-800-ASK-USPS) or online for a fee of one dollar.

If you are moving because you are changing jobs within the University, you must notify the Mail Room and U.S.P.S. to update directory information. If any of the mail addressed to you is departmental business (i.e., invoices, periodicals, bank statements), the vendor should be notified. In cases such as these, the mail stays with the department.

What should I do if I need something delivered within 24 hours?
Normal time for Perelman School of Medicine mail being delivered within the School is 24 hours. If an outside vendor is sending a package to the university, and it needs to arrive within 24 hours, the customer should use a certified mail service.

Bulk Mailings

How do I handle bulk mailings?
Bulk mailings are defined as five or more large, heavy pieces or 100 or more standard-sized pieces. All bulk mailings should have a Mail Authorization Card attached. The Mail Authorization Card needs to be filled out completely.

Smaller bulk mailings (5-20 pieces) should be bundled neatly. Larger bulk mailings (20 or more pieces) should be placed neatly in mail tubs. If needed, the Mail Center can provide mail tubs. All bulk mailings should be taken to the BRB Mailroom. If you have any questions, please contact Waverly Coleman at 215-898-6189 or e-mail him at


Are stamps available for sale in the Mail Center?
Stamps are no longer sold in the Mail Center.

Mail Center Location

Where is the Mail Center located?
The Mail Center is located right off the lobby of BRB II/III entering from Curie Blvd.

Delivery Time of Mail

How long does it take to sort and deliver mail?
There is a 24-hour turnaround on first class and intramural Perelman School of Medicine mail. All other classes of mail will be sorted and delivered within 36 hours.

Tracking Mail

Can the Mail Center help to track a piece of mail that was sent first class but has not been received in a timely manner?
The Mail Center staff is unable to track first class mail, but staff will check your box to see if it arrived. Only certified, express, and registered mail have tracking numbers.

Shipping and Receiving Area

What time does the Receiving Area open?
Receiving hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What is the address for the Receiving Area?
421 Curie Blvd. BRB II/III Philadelphia, PA 19104

Can Distribution Center staff track packages?
A tracking number is necessary in order to track your package. A PO number is helpful, but we will not be able to track your package without a tracking number. If you do not have this information, you can get this number by calling your vendor. Once you have a tracking number, the Distribution Center staff will be able to help you track your package.

Federal Express

Can Distribution Center staff track a FedEx package?
Distribution Services is able to track FedEx packages that are processed through receiving prior to delivery. If a customer has opted for "desktop" delivery, then they should contact FedEx to track the package. "Desktop" delivery includes FedEx Same Day, Same Day City, and First Overnight services.

United Parcel Service

What time does U.P.S. arrive?
U.P.S. arrives anywhere from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

United States Postal Service

Where can I find forms and supplies for certified letters, express mail, etc.?
You can obtain U.S.P.S. supplies by visiting the Post Office at 3000 Chestnut Street or at any other Post Office location. The Mail Center has a postage scale if you need to weigh a piece of mail for postage.



Capital Requests

What is the approval process for capital projects?
The department, center, institute, or administrative office submits a Digital Request. The Office of Space Planning and Operations (SPO) will arrange for a preliminary estimate of the cost of the capital project. If appropriate, SPO approves the request and forwards to the Perelman School of Medicine Department of Finance for verification of funding. Finance verifies the availability by approving or denying the project. If approved, Finance approvals are required from the Vice Dean for Administration and Finance.

For all projects, the Vice Dean for Administration and Finance approves or disapproves the initiation of the project and forwards to the CEO / Dean for approval. The CEO / Dean approves or disapproves, the digital request system communicates that information to the Division of Finance, SPO, and the requestor then SPO initiates the next phase of the project.

If a project is estimated to cost $1,000,000 or more, following approval by the capital council, approval must be sought from the University Trustees. A Trustee Resolution prepared by SPO in conjunction with the Division of Finance must be submitted to the University Trustees. Once all necessary approvals are in place, SPO communicates this to the requestor and initiates the next phase of the project.

Capital Project Cost Approval Required by

Less than $500,000 »

Business Administrator
Chair / Director
Senior Director, SPO
Director of Resource Planning and Analysis
Vice Dean for Administration and Finance
CEO / Dean

$500,000 - $999,999»

Business Administrator
Chair / Director
Senior Director, SPO
Director of Resource Planning and Analysis
Vice Dean for Administration and Finance
CEO / Dean
University Capital Advisory Group

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999»

Business Administrator
Chair / Director
Senior Director, SPO
Director of Resource Planning and Analysis
Vice Dean for Administration and Finance
CEO / Dean
University Capital Advisory Group
University Capital Council

More than $5,000,000 »

Business Administrator
Chair / Director
Senior Director, SPO
Director of Resource Planning and Analysis
Vice Dean for Administration and Finance
CEO / Dean
University Capital Advisory Group
University Capital Council
University Trustees

Leasing Off-Campus space

How do I lease off-campus space?
Please contact Jennifer Mishkin at 215-898-2876 for detailed information. You will need to use the Non-University Off-Campus Space form to request the space.


How do I request additional space for my office or labs?
The Department Chair makes a request via the Digital Request Form. The request is reviewed by the Vice Dean for Administration and Finance and if appropriate will be added to the Space Committee agenda.

Space Database

What is the space database?
All the space in the Perelman School of Medicine buildings, including most leased space, has been surveyed and data (building, floor, room number, occupant, PI, use, etc.) about the space was collected. The data was imported in a database system (SPAN FM) and connected to the CAD system managed by Peter Zutter, Planning Design and Construction.

What is the primary purpose of the space database?
The database is a critical tool for keeping track of the amount of space used by each department for grant and funding applications, research space utilization analysis, and indirect cost recovery. It is equally critical for planning purposes as departments' needs for space change over the years.

What information is available on the space website?
The space website contains floor plans of each building in the Perelman School of Medicine. Floor area of each room is provided, and the occupant of the space is identified. Neither occupant nor PI data is provided on the floor plans. The link to this website is:

How is the database maintained?
As changes occur in a department's use, location, or amount of space, the Business Administrator is responsible for reporting the changes to the database which is available on the web. The link to the web updating tool is

Who has access to the floor plans and web updater?
The floor plans and web updater are secure sites and require a PennNet ID. Additionally, access is only permitted after attending a training course in how to work with the system.

Reports on space will soon be available through Ben reports, and other reports on space data are available in the Data Warehouse with department and school authorization.


Who do I contact regarding moving phones or installing new service when my office or lab moves?
Contact Networking and Communications at 215-898-2883, or go to the web site at



How do I establish new service?
Before a lab is placed on the schedule for Infectious Waste pick-up, it should contact our office to register and to be briefed on the process. During this process, the principal investigator of the lab is provided with standard information regarding this process. Principal investigators or lab managers are responsible for completing the registration form. For more detailed information concerning infectious waste management, please refer to the EHRS website or call EHRS at 215-898-4453.

Is there a difference in biohazardous waste containers, sharps containers, and glassware containers?
Yes, there is a difference.

Is there a charge for Infectious Waste containers?

How often is Infectious (Biohazardous) waste picked up from labs?
Depending on your lab's need, you can request a particular day(s) to have waste picked up when completing your registration form.

When will the Curtis Bay reusable sharps container program be available at my building?

Building Date
Smilow Center for Translational Research (SCTR) July 15th, 2013
Biomedical Research Building (BRB II/III) August 15th, 2013
Translational Research Laboratories (TRL) September 16th, 2013
Stellar-Chance Labs (BRB I) / Cyclotron
*Please note: The following are tentative dates. Buildings may be combined into an accelerated schedule depending on volume and results from prior transitions.
October 15th, 2013
Johnson Pavilion November 15th, 2013
John Morgan Building December 16th, 2013
Richards Building January 15th, 2014
Stemmler Hall February 14th, 2014
Anatomy Chemistry Building March 14th, 2014
Blockley Hall April 15th, 2014




How do I reserve audio visual equipment and services for an event at the Perelman School of Medicine?
All A/V equipment and services can be requested on the Room Request form within the Virtual EMS online system. Standard A/V equipment, such as an LCD projector, is no charge to UPHS departments in SPO managed public spaces between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM on weekdays. Production services, such as videotaping or ISDN Video Conference, require a dedicated technician and incur hourly charges and related fees. If you have indicated any non-standard services on the form, someone from Special Events and Scheduling will contact you to confirm necessary details.

How do I reserve audio visual equipment and service for an event at Penn Tower, Medical Alumni Hall, or other locations outside of the Perelman School of Medicine?
Space Planning and Operations provides A/V equipment and service to locations outside of the Perelman SOM, including HUP, University of Pennsylvania main campus, and for UPHS conferences at area hotels. Service for these events can be requested via the “A/V Rental” form on the Virtual EMS system. This service is provided at the rate of $82.50 per hour between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, and $110 per hour all other times. If you request the technician to “Deliver, Setup, and Pickup Only” during the regular workday, a flat $55 fee applies regardless of the length of the event.

Can I rent A/V Equipment from SP&O?
If you wish to rent equipment from our A/V department, you must submit an “A/V Rental” form from SPO*TS. On page two of the form, please select “User to Pickup and Return Equipment”. Request a pickup time between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, and come to 335 Anatomy/Chemistry Building to check it out. Your signature will confirm that you accept responsibility for the equipment while it is in your possession. Rental fees are available at the Audio Visual Services portion of the SPO*TS site.



Building Administrators

Who is my Building Administrator?
Below you will find building assignments along with contact information for the appropriate Building Administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Susan Fry, Director of Operations and Engineering at 215-898-8760 or

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 215-898-8760  |  FAX NUMBER: 215-573-2237
Jordan Medical Education Building
Smilow Center for Translational Research
South Tower

Jennifer Adzima

Biomedical Research
Building II/III

Myra Fishburn

Blockley Hall
Stellar Chance Labs
Clinical Research Building

Kathy McLean

John Morgan
Richards Building

Steve Hauber

Johnson Pavilion
Stemmler Laboratory
Biomedical Library

Val Hardy


What kind of issues and problems will my building administrator handle for me?
Your building administrator can handle a wide variety of problems and issues for you such as repairs, moves, and housekeeping problems. Additionally if you have a small project such as putting up shelves or replacing carpet, your building administrator can work with you to get it done.

Your building administrator will work with you and the contractor to see that your job is completed to satisfaction.

Bathroom Supplies

Who should I contact for bathroom supplies?
Please request these types of supplies through AiM:
* Go to U@Penn
* Click on Aim Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password
* Click on Enter New Work Request
* Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
* Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
* A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent to You With the Work Order Number.

Building Announcements and Shutdown Notices

How do I get added to/removed from a particular building's announcement/shutdown notice list?
Please be advised that faculty, staff and students can now opt-in to receive announcements regarding building operations at the Perelman School of Medicine.  Notifications provide important information related to building services including planned utility shut-downs, emergency notifications, and general updates regarding our facilities.  Information provided in these announcements may have implications for the use of the School's facilities - and require action on your part in response to the notification.

The process to opt-in or opt-out is simple:

1.  Go to and log-in with your PennKey.
2.  Select "Listserv Manager" from the left-hand column.
3.  Click on the buildings for which you would like to receive announcements.
4.  Log-out.

All individuals who currently receive building announcements have been transferred to the new email notification system.  Names/addresses that could not be verified have been removed from the contact list.  The building notification lists have also been cross referenced with the space database and all individuals to whom space is assigned have been added to the respective building notification list;   business administrators of organizations occupying each building have also been added to the respective notification lists.  To assure that you receive all appropriate announcements, please use the above process to verify and update your information.  Please contact Space Planning & Operations, 215-898-2876, if you have any questions.

Ceiling Tiles

What is the process for replacing ceiling tiles?
Please request these types of repairs through AiM:
* Go to U@Penn
* Click on Aim Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password
* Click on Enter New Work Request
* Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
* Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
* A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent to You With the Work Order Number.

Cold Rooms

Who can I contact if there is a problem with the temperature in a cold room?
If your unit goes into temperature alarm, please contact 215-898-7208 and report the building and location to Facilities Services Call Center. A mechanic will be dispatched within one (1) hour. If you fail to observe a mechanic within this one (1) hour time frame, contact your Building Administrator at 215-898-8760. Many Cold Rooms also alarm directly to the PSOM Security Office for protection during nights and weekends.

Communicating with Service Personnel

Should workers (mechanics/technicians/carpenters, etc.) communicate their findings or status of work to the people who occupy the space in which the work is being done?
Feel free to discuss the issue with the personnel who come to your office to fix a repair or install a fixture. You can best explain the nature of the job. If you have a complaint or problem with the work, contact your Building Administrator. The mechanics have been instructed to post a small yellow note indicating the status of the job when they leave the job site.

Heating and Cooling

What is the time frame for feeling adjustments in temperature in heating and cooling?
Adjustments in temperature may take up to several hours to be felt. In many instances, the systems are working for an entire building, not just a single office or classroom. Changing the thermostat does not cause an instantaneous change in temperature. If you do call in with a complaint of being too hot or too cold, please be patient while the adjustment takes effect.  For temperature
problems affecting critical research and/or animal welfare, please call 215-898-7208.  For all other temperature problems, please use the AiM Maintenance Request:
* Go to U@Penn
* Click on AiM Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password.
* Click on Enter New Work Request
* Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
* Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
* A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent to You With the Work Order Number


Why does vacuuming have to be requested? Why isn't it done on a regular basis?
Carpets should be vacuumed on a regular basis. They should be vacuumed at least once a week. If you need vacuuming more frequently, please contact your Building Administrator to make satisfactory arrangements. If you have a situation that calls for immediate clean-up, please call 215-898-8000.

How can I have my carpets shampooed?
Housekeeping regularly shampoos carpets. If you want your carpets shampooed, contact your Building Administrator and your office will be scheduled for the service.


What is the process for replacing light bulbs?
Please request these types of repairs through AiM:
* Go to U@Penn
* Click on AiM Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password
* Click on Enter New Work Request
* Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
* Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
* A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent to You With the Work Order Number.


How are moves defined?
We generally work with four kinds of moves:

1. Small, local moves: This kind of move involves the relocation of five or less items from one Perelman School of Medicine building to another. Please go to MOVES under Special Events and Scheduling for how to execute this kind of move.

2. Move-out: A move-out is when a lab or an office is moving to another location either on campus or to a non-UPenn location. A lab move-out must comply with the move-out procedures established by Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, There are often costs associated with moving out of a space for cleaning and removing infectious materials. These costs are the responsibility of the department under which the office or lab falls. Budgeting for this work should be done at the onset of planning.

3. Move-in: A move-in is when a lab or an office moves into a new space from any location. When moving in, whether from a Penn location or from another institution, you may have to establish or re-establish services such as infectious (bio-hazardous) waste pick-up, notify the Mail Room of your new address, or make sure your locks and keys correspond. When you move in, you may contact your Building Administrator for a special packet of information to make sure you have taken care of all the details.

4. Relocation: Relocation is a combination of a move-in and a move-out. Often it occurs to consolidate the dispersed locations of offices and labs of a single department. A relocation calls for following both procedures described in #2 and #3 above. This requires contracting with an outside moving vendor.

For more details regarding moves, you can contact your Project Manager or your Building Administrator.


What is the process for calling in clogged toilets, overflowing sinks, and similar problems?
For any type of major leak that could cause damage to the building, please call 215-898-7208. For minor plumbing problems such as dripping faucets, please use the AiM Maintenance Request:
* Go to U@Penn
* Click on AiM Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password
* Click on Enter New Work Request
* Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
* Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
* A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent to You With the Work Order Number

Repairs and Work Order Requests

NEW AiM Maintenance: Procedures for Requesting Work Orders
The University Facilities & Real Estate Services has implemented a web based work order system called AiM.  In order to provide clarification on the procedures for requesting building maintenance type work orders, please follow these guidelines:

EMERGENCIES (Examples - Floods, Leaks, No Electric Power to Critical Equipment, Hot/Cold Temperatures that would have an immediate impact on animal welfare or critical equipment, Cold Rooms & Fume Hoods in Alarm) Call 215-898-7208.   Please record the tracking number you will receive for future reference.  If the problem has not been addressed in a timely manner, please contact your Building Administrator.

 NORMAL MAINTENANCE (Most Lab & Office Hot/Cold Temperature Complaints, Light Bulbs Out, Broken/Stained Ceiling Tiles, Dripping Faucets, Restroom Fixture Problems, Door Lock & Hardware Problems, Elevator Out of Service, etc.).  Please report these types of problems through AiM:
* Go to U@Penn
* Click on AiM Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password
* Click on Enter New Work Request
* Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
* Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
* A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent to You With the Work Order Number

CUSTOMER WORK REQUESTS (Painting, New Electrical Receptacles, Utility, Connections of New Lab Equipment, Shelving, Key Requests, etc.). These are all requests that require a 26 digit account number. Please download a Departmental Work Request form and fill it out completely. Please forward this signed authorized form to your Building Administrator.

HOUSEKEEPING REQUESTS Normal housekeeping services are defined by daily emptying of your trash cans, daily sweeping and mopping of hard surfaces, weekly vacuuming of carpeting, daily cleaning and stocking of restrooms, high dusting and annual stripping/waxing of hard surfaces
and annual shampooing of carpets.  If these normal housekeeping services are not being provided, please contact your Building Administrator.  If you need your special housekeeping services such as detailed cleaning of a lab, please use the Departmental Work Request form as outlined above.

If you have any questions on any of the procedures outlined above, please contact your Building Administrator in Space Planning & Operations at 215-898-8760.


What kinds of signs may I request from Space Planning & Operations?
You may request any signs that are needed to identify an office, lab, room, or special use area. Signs are provided to give directions, provide information, and indicate special instructions. Most signs have a pre-determined size, format, and lettering type.

How do I order new and/or replacement signs for my department?
Whether you need a new sign or a replacement sign, you must use a sign request form. For room signs, use the Room Sign (6" x 6") Request Form. For lab signs, use the Laboratory Sign Insert (6" x 12") Request Form. Please be sure you fill out the form completely. For the laboratory signs, it is imperative that the correct information is provided regarding warning labels. Signs cannot be posted without the applicable labels.

What is the turnaround time for receiving office and laboratory signs?
It generally takes two to five days to receive office signs. The turnaround time is based on the number of requests.

Labs signs may take from five to ten days to process. The turnaround time for laboratory signs is a little longer because all requests must be approved by the Department of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety. We must ensure that appropriate licenses (i.e., radiation, infectious waste) are on file with EHRS.

Can my department be a little creative when creating signs?
Although there is a standard format for all office and laboratory signs, there is occasionally an opportunity to be creative with certain signs (i.e., directional signs, storage space, etc.). Graphic images can also be used for these particular signs provided they do not represent a conflict of interest under the University's Policy and Procedure guidelines.

Is there a fee for signs?
No, there are no charges for office or laboratory signs.

Trash Cans and Recycling

Does Space Planning & Operations supply trash cans?
No. Should you need trash cans, you must order them as you would order any other type of office supply.

Window Cleaning

How often can I expect to have my office windows cleaned?
All interior and exterior window surfaces are cleaned once a year during the spring season.



Who is permitted to carry a black access key?
Any staff member who has the written authorization of his/her supervisor may carry a black access key. The complete policy regarding the access key procedure is available in the BLACK ELECTRONIC ACCESS KEY PROCEDURE document.

Where can handicap individuals gain access to the School’s facilities?
Handicap access is available on the ground floor of BRB II/III. A black access key is available for the doors on the south side of the building for those people who must access the building at that point. Once a person enters the building, all other buildings in the complex are accessible via the system of bridges and elevators.

What do I do if I get locked out my office?
If you get locked out of your office, you may call Security at 215-898-0196 for assistance.

When should a Property Removal Form be used?
Perelman School of Medicine policy provides that anyone removing property from any Perelman School of Medicine facility must possess authorization for the removal thereof.

Authorization can be handled by producing one of two forms of documentation to Safety and Security:

1) A "Perelman School of Medicine Property Removal Request Form" signed by the department chair or business administrator, either sent to Safety and Security in advance or given directly to Safety and Security personnel on duty by the person upon removing the property from the facility. This form includes important information such as the date of request, name of the person removing the property, department, room, and building from which property is being removed, ownership of property, date and time property will be removed, description of property, and the name, title, and signature of the authorizing individual.

2) A memorandum from the department chair or business administrator, either sent to Safety and Security in advance or given directly to Safety and Security personnel on duty by the person upon removing the property from the facility. The memorandum should contain the same essential information as is requested on the previously described "Property Removal Request Form."

The Property Removal Form is one of the most important tools in determining whether property is legitimately being removed from the School. Ask your Building Administrator for this form when you are removing a piece of equipment or other large piece of property from Perelman School of Medicine premises

Does PSoM have automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs)?

PSoM has automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs) in four locations.  Each location is labeled. PSoM security officers and HUP Security staff at SCTR are trained in the use of AEDs. PSoM AEDs are maintained by Cardiac Science and tested to assure charge and usage date of enclosed materials. An AED can be deployed promptly by calling PSoM Security at 215-898-0669.

AED Locations

1) Stellar Chance109 Security Control Center: staffed and available 24/7

 2) Johnson Pavilion lobby security desk: staffed and available 24/7

3) BRB lobby security desk: staffed M-F, 8am - 5pm and available 24/7

4) Smilow Center for Translational Research (SCTR) lobby security desk: staffed M-F, 7am – 7pm and available 24/7

What is the best way to lock my bike so it doesn't get stolen?
It only takes 10 seconds for someone to cut through a cable lock. Public Safety recommends that you use a U-lock to secure your bicycle. Check out Public Safety's brochure on how to lock up your bicycle.

Shuttle Schedules


The TRL Shuttle is available to transport Penn personnel to and from the Translational Research Laboratories (TRL), 125 S. 31st Street to the Stellar-Chance Building (422 Curie Blvd).

Shuttle passengers may carry rats & mice only on the TRL shuttle.  Rats & mice must be placed inside a closed disposable cardboard container provided by the animal facility.  Animals in plastic housing cages are not allowed on board the shuttle.

HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS and RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS are prohibited on the shuttle.  Written EHRS approval is required to carry biological or infectious materials on the shuttle. Contact a biological safety officer at EHRS for approval, 215-898-4453.

Contact Darren Johnson at 898-0196 with general questions or comments about the shuttle.

What is the schedule for the shuttle to the TRL facility?


Departure from Stellar-Chance Departure from TRL
7:20 AM 7:40 AM
8:00 AM 8:20 AM
8:40 AM 9:00 AM
9:20 AM 9:40 AM
10:00 AM 10:20 AM
10:40 AM 11:00 AM
11:20 AM 11:40 AM
12:00 PM 12:20 PM
12:40 PM 1:00 PM
1:20 PM 1:40 PM
2:00 PM 2:20 PM
2:40 PM 3:00 PM
3:20 PM 3:40 PM
4:00 PM 4:20 PM
4:40 PM 5:00 PM
5:20 PM 5:40 PM
6:00 PM 6:20 PM
6:40 PM 7:00 PM

PSOM Pick up/Drop off:       Front entrance of Stellar-Chance, 422 Curie Boulevard
TRL Pick up/Drop off:           Front entrance of TRL, 125 S. 31st


Effective end of business Friday, June 29, 2012, the TRL shuttle designated for animal transportation will be discontinued.  Data shows that this particular shuttle, which operates four hours daily Monday through Friday and is operated to transport small animals between the Perelman School of Medicine campus and TRL, has not transported an animal in the last thirty-three months. 

Effective July 2, 2012, the TRL passenger shuttle will operate on the revised schedule posted above.

Please direct all questions to Security, 215-898-0196.

Your understanding is appreciated.  

James Atkinson

Chief Penn Medicine Security




Reserving a Room

How do I reserve a room for a presentation or special lecture? How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
To reserve a room or space for any type of event, lecture, presentation, ceremony, meeting, etc., please log into Virtual EMS.

A room request does not guarantee your selection. This is not a confirmation of a room reservation. Scheduling and Event Services will contact you regarding your request within (3) business days.

The SES confirmation verifies that your event has been assigned space and related services. You must review the details of the confirmation to be sure they are correct. Confirmations are delivered via email and should be retained by the customer until the completion of the event or until final billing is processed.

I have not received a confirmation. What do I need to do?
Please allow (3) business days from the date that you submitted your request via to receive a confirmation. After (3) business days have elapsed, you may call the Scheduling & Event Services Office, at 215-573-5555, to check the status of your request. If necessary, leave a message including your event name, date, reference number, your name, and phone number, and someone will respond to you either by email or phone. Please do not submit a new request for the same event.

What is Virtual EMS?
Virtual EMS ("VEMS") is the Perelman School of Medicine’s ("PSOM") centralized scheduling website. It allows the PSOM Scheduling & Event Services office to schedule all PSOM public space and coordinate related services. R25 is also used by PSOM Lab Floor Schedulers (LFS) and allows space coordination between the Scheduling office and the LFS.

I've already reserved a space and related services but need to make changes. How should I submit them?
Changes and/or additions must be submitted via scheduling system, VEMS. Under "View My Request" click open the event to update or change the reservation. Under the Actions Tab you may edit your reservation. Be sure to click "update booking." An email will be sent to SES to confirm your reservation changes.

Where can attendees of functions park?
Unfortunately, there are no public parking spaces in the vicinity of the PSOM event facilities.

Are there charges for space rental?
Penn Medicine departments are not charged for use of space. University of Pennsylvania departments external to the PSOM and outside organizations are charged space rental fees however. These rates appear on your confirmation if you belong to an external department. All requestors are subject to a $55 no-show fee if SPO Scheduling is not notified of a cancelled event 24hrs. prior to the event.

Are there charges for service personnel such as Security, Special Event Setup, and Audio/Visual?
Penn Medicine departments are not charged for these services if rendered within the regular hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Security’s regular hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Before and after these times and on weekends, the overtime rate is $65 per hour. Charges will apply if you require personnel to be dedicated to your event.

Will I be charged for Housekeeping?
Whether or not an event will incur housekeeping charge is determined by the Union contract and varies from building to building. As a rule, events which host more than 30 people or serve any food can require an additional housekeeper to be scheduled. The housekeeper’s shift is a four hour minimum at an average of $41 per hour, which will be charged to the hosting department. For more information on housekeeping charges, please contact the Building Administrator for the building where your event will take place.

Are there any other spaces on campus available for use?
You can contact the University’s Conference Services Office to inquire about other spaces on campus:, 215-898-9319.

Move Jobs

Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Move Jobs.

How do I have equipment or furniture moved from one space to another within the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM)?
The Office of Space Planning and Operations (SPO) provides limited move services within the PSOM. Your move request must include no more than five items and no single item can weigh more than 50 pounds. For heavy equipment (i.e., fume hoods, incubators, freezers), only two items are permitted per form unless the move job is done in overtime. If necessary, coordinate your Move Job with your Building Administrator. If your Building Administrator determines your Move Job is beyond the above parameters, your Building Administrator can assist you in contracting with an external moving company. Special Events and Scheduling reserves the right to deny a request to move items of unusually large size or weight.

In order to request Move Job services, you must use SPO*TS, the on-line tracking and scheduling system. After you have logged into the system, click the button for “Move Requests”. You will have to provide information about the items to be moved and their origin and destination. A budget code is required if the job is to be done in overtime.

How are Move Jobs scheduled?
Move Jobs are scheduled based on the type of request (research demands take preference), on a first-come, first-served basis. Emergency Move Jobs are determined between the customer and Building Administrator and handled on a priority basis.

What is the wait time for a Move Job to be completed?
Move jobs are typically completed within three working days of receipt of your request. Our Move Supervisor will contact you prior to reporting to do the move to confirm that you are ready.

How do I prepare for a Move Job?
It is important that you ensure that all file cabinets and desk drawers are empty, refrigerators, freezers, etc. must be drained, and all items should be tagged according to destination of the item.

How do I have items moved to or from non-PSOM spaces?
You should contact University Facilities Services, 215-898-5706 to arrange to have items moved to or from non-PSOM spaces. If you have not found the answer to your question(s), you may refer to Move Job Scheduling: Policy and Procedures or please call your Building Administrator or the Move Supervisor, 215-573-6785.