How are SPs Used at Penn Med?

At Penn Med, we use SPs in a variety of programs that are expanding yearly to serve learners across the medical education continuum: undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education. Some of our programs teach new skills, some provide opportunities to practice and refresh skills, and some are tests designed to evaluate learners’ performance.

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At Penn Med, we typically implement our SP programs in the following formats:

One-on-one: These cases usually teach or test interpersonal, history-taking, physical exam, and diagnostic skills. They take place either in the classroom or in clinical exam rooms. They often require the SP to fill out a checklist after the encounter. These cases may or may not have a physical exam component, and they may or may not require the SP to provide the student with feedback after the encounter.

Small group: This format is used for teaching both interpersonal and physical exam skills. The SP goes into a room of 3-12 medical students with 1-3 faculty members. These cases require the SP to offer feedback to the students.

Large group: Some cases involve one SP being interviewed and/or examined by a physician in front of an entire class of medical students, around 150 students.