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Developing Interactive Technologies to Improve Research and Health Behavior

Kevin Volpp, Director, Center for Health Incentives, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics and David Asch, Executive Director, Leonard Davis Institute have been awarded over $5 million to develop technologies to improve healthy behavior. Unhealthy behaviors underlie many of the chronic conditions that burden Americans. Assisting these individuals in improving health behaviors using insights from behavioral economics have shown promise in improving health outcomes, but these interventions typically require frequent, often daily, contact. Volpp and Asch are designing, building and testing an IT platform that facilitates participant tracking. They will use home-based devices and automated payment systems that will provide investigators an easily customized web-based platform to evaluate behavioral interventions to promote health, including the use of financial incentives, frequent feedback, visual approaches to information, and social networks. It will also provide older Americans, the general public, and public and private sector organizations with a web portal that can facilitate participation in innovative research on behavioral approaches to improve health behaviors at low cost. Through partnership with firms such as the web design firm P'unk Ave, this project will contribute significantly to the creation of future-looking high technology jobs in the Philadelphia region.