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2013 Summer Experiences

Last Name First Name House Email address What did you do during your summer between MS1 and MS2?
Bhargava Alessia  Morgan

I traveled! Did no research / nothing productive by school standards. I'd recommend this to anyone!


Daughtridge Giffin  Morgan

I split time between Baltimore and Philadelphia working on 2 projects.  On Monday nights, I conducted a study in downtown Philadelphia to generate adherence to a prophylactic HIV medication for high-risk, young males with the support of grants from the Infectious Disease Society of America, Arnold Gold Foundation, and NY Academy of Medicine.  I spent the rest of the week working at the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (outside of Baltimore) on two research projects in the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality.  If anyone is interested in work with domestic health policy, or public health, especially prophylaxis in high-risk populations, I would love to help out with finding funding/mentors/opportunities/etc.


Dietz Brett  Morgan

I went to Nicaragua with two other MS1s to study Spanish for 4 weeks. In addition to one-on-one Spanish instruction, we completed various health education volunteer projects in the community. After finishing the program, we rented a beach house for a week and surfed.


Douglas Jennifer  Morgan

Kevin and Judi Heaney Marvel Charities clinical research fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Jay Storm, chief of neurosurgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Involved in operating room and clinic shadowing, as well as clinical research projects.  The fellowship is run in conjunction with a basic science research fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Adam Resnick.


Farmer Miranda  Rhoads

Worked as a TA for the Penn Mini Med School summer camp. This involved teaching high school students about medicine.


Gallagher Courtney  Morgan

I did a Bridging the Gaps internship. I was placed at Hall Mercer's therapeutic day program for children aged 4-6 with various mental health diagnoses, ranging from adjustment disorder to autism spectrum. I helped out with the daily activities and got to know each of the kid's backgrounds and stories. My fellow interns and I also designed a few workshops for the students on topics such as oral health and heart health.


Han Harry  Rhoads I did basic/translational brain tumor research with Dr. Adam Resnick at CHOP. The lab focuses on identifying the molecular drivers of pediatric brain tumors (novels genes and mechanistic studies) and testing new drug therapies in preclinical models (cell culture and animals). Specifically, I worked on whole-genome sequencing of pediatric gliomas and creating new cell culture models based on the sequencing data. This lab welcomes anyone interested in doing basic science research, regardless of prior lab experience.
Howard Mark  Rhoads

I spent the summer conducting clinical research in the department of orthopaedics over at Pennsylvania Hospital.  The main project I was working on was a comparative outcome study assessing the success of the US vs European surgical management of infected total knee arthroplasty patients. I worked closely with a joint replacement surgeon at Pennsy and was able to spend very quality time both in the clinic and scrubbed into the operating room.


Huber Jared  Dickens Ent clinical research.

Converts the chop nicu clinical manual into an iBook.
Huepenbecker Sarah  Dickens

I worked in a translational biomedical lab doing research on new treatments for cartilage repair for applications in osteoarthritis. I spent time both on the bench and in animal surgeries, and I also conducted my own project on cell migration in response to growth factors. I was supported during my summer with a grant from the American Federation of Aging Research.


Jefferson-George Kyra  Wood

I applied to the NIDDK Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes and Obesity and was offered a place in Dr. Ahima's lab at the institute for diabetes, obesity, and metabolism. I did lab research and presented my findings at a research symposium in Nashville. My research looked at the effect of the time of feeding on energy metabolism in mice. I continued working in this lab after the summer in order to finish my project and write a manuscript.


Kamoun Camilia Kamoun Rhoads

I participated to the MICEFA program in Comparative Medicine and Public Health in Paris, France to learn about the health care system in France.  I spent the first week and a half attending classes, lectures, hospital visits, and tours of health organization.  I then spent three weeks on observational rotations in a public university hospital.


Khurana Esha  Wood

I spent the summer in Botswana primarily conducting research in the pediatrics dept. of Princess Marina on epidemiological causes of cerebral palsy. However, I was also working on a side project on the epidemiology and etiology of stroke, and I was interviewing speech therapists and occupational therapists to get a sense of how therapies could be better delivered.


Kilevskaya Nataliya  Wood I traveled to Xela, Guatemala for a 3 week Spanish language immersion program through the Pop Wuj Language School
Kothari Shawn  Dickens

I worked with Dr. Scott Trerotola as part of the Interventional Radiology Summer Scholars Program. I worked on a clinical research project and spent significant time shadowing in the Cath Lab.


Lewis Russell  Morgan

Agnew Surgical Society - First Year Summer Fellowship.... I conducted outcomes research for a pancreatic surgeon.  Heavily focused on biostat/epidemiology of pancreatic cancer.  Drafted abstracts for national meetings.


Lin Fred  Morgan

Medical Spanish Immersion program in Ecuador. Stayed with host family while shadowed in clinics/hospitals and took spanish classes.


Lin Winnie  Wood

I did Bridging the Gaps, and my community site was the Children's Crisis Treatment Center. I worked in the Therapeutic Nursery, a preschool program for 3- to 5-year-olds with behavioral health disorders and histories of trauma. My role included assisting the staff in the children's daily activities (meals, playtime, storytime, and naptime) as well as teaching health lessons about handwashing, nutrition, and toothbrushing.


Logan Alex  Rhoads

Translational neuroscience lab looking at the effect of maternal diet (fat content) on fetal brain development. Mostly mouse work, with some brain dissection and RNA extractions. Worked independently and did troubleshooting of my protocol with guidance from a post-doc.


Lucien Rebekah  Morgan

I participated in mentored research within the CHOP Adolescent Medicine department. I primarily worked on data analysis and literature searches. I had a goal of working on an existing project so I could complete it before summer's end and present it with the team at a national conference and both came true.


McDonnell Alicia Rhoads

I did 8 weeks of clinical research in the Cardiology Department of CHOP.  During that time, I was able to shadow in the Cath Lab, attend clinical conferences, and attend lectures given for the Cardiology Fellows.  I have written up a first author manuscript for my project and am currently working toward getting it published and attending a conference in the spring.


McFadden Nikia  Rhoads Clinical research project in Botswana on diabetes/TB co-infection. I also wrote a review paper about the management of TB in diabetic patients who live in sub-Saharan Africa.
Moore Kendra  Dickens

I tried to combine as many experiences as possible- I spent 4 weeks traveling for pleasure to Guatemala and California; the rest of the summer I spent working on three different research projects, all of which I could work on remotely. One was a study on the effect of female sex hormones on vaginal injury through the nursing school, one was on social support during abortion through the OB/GYN department, and the third was a study on transgender patients' experiences with Pap tests through Fenway Health in Boston.


Murayi Roger  Rhoads

I worked on a prospective clinical research project with an ENT surgeon at HUP.  We were looking to assess the validity of a novel set of clinical and radiographic assessments to see if they are effective in predicting the degree of exposure during TransOral Robotic surgery of pharyngeal neoplasms and/or difficult intubations.


Nikam Vinayak  Morgan I worked in a basic science brain tumor lab over at CHOP. My mentor was Dr. Adam Resnick, whose lab studies protein-protein interactions in the epigenetics of glioblastoma. My summer was sponsored by a paid fellowship that offers both lab experiences and neurosurgery OR shadowing opportunities.
Olsen Jillian  Rhoads

I worked as a research associate in the CHOP Neurology Department. I was assigned to a specific research project, and was responsible for organizing and collecting data, and improving the overall data collection system. I also had the opportunity to shadow a few times a week, and to attend morning conferences given by the fellows.


Ratner Jess  Wood House

I stayed in Philadelphia and participated in the Bridging the Gaps Program.  I was paired as an intern with the South Philadelphia Hispanic Outreach, a church-based program that provides education, social, and health-related support to Hispanic immigrants in South Philly.  I spent the summer teaching ESL, running mental-related health workshops, and organizing health-related activities at a day camp for kids.  One day per week I attended full day workshops with other BTG interns on the social determinants of health.


Reed Helen  Wood

Traveled to Gaborone, Botswana through the Botswana-UPenn Partnership to work on a pediatric gastroenteritis study at Princess Marina Hospital.


Rodriguez Geoff  Dickens

I was in Arequipa, Peru doing public health research with chagas disease for 4 weeks, and another three weeks traveling in Peru. I was working in a small lab that was started by a Penn professor that was working with the government on a house insecticide spraying campaign against the vector for chagas disease. My involvement was analyzing interviews to see how we could increase participation in the spraying campaigns.


Santos Jessica  Morgan

Clinical and Translational Orthopaedic Research. I was able to complete my research from home, about 20 hours or less each week. I also had the opportunity to shadow in the OR once a week when my PI and mentor had his surgery day.


Vishnevetsky Anastasia  Wood

Went to Guatemala for 6 weeks to do a medical Spanish program for 4 weeks and travel for 2 weeks. It was a great experience with half the time dedicated to clinical/medical experience and the other half dedicated to one on one spanish class. I lived with a host family in Xela, and the program was Pop Wuj.


Weinblatt Rachel  Rhoads

I went to Riobamba, Ecuador for 4 weeks on a medical spanish program called Cachamsi. We spent the mornings volunteering in health clinics or hospitals and then had medical spanish class in the afternoon. Most people lived with families in homestays.


Wilen Jon  Wood

Worked Penn Med Summer Camp.


Wulczyn Kendra  Wood

I assisted on a small-scale clinical research project in Endocrinology. I applied for and received funding through the Endocrine Society. My research involved helping with recruiting and screening patients as well as setting up and maintaining a database for the study.


Yeager Alyssa  Morgan I went to Gaborone, Botswana with the Botswana-Upenn Partnership with 8 other 1st years and other older students, residents, and attendings. I worked on a project looking at the differences in response to chemoradiation in HIV+ vs HIV- women being treated for cervical cancer. My mentors were in the US (Drs. Lin & Grover) so I got to work independently to initiate the project.


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