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certificate in aging and community health

This new track will combine seminars, interactive service learning experiences centered in community organizations that serve seniors in West and SouthWest Philadelphia, transitions of care clinical experiences precepted  by Geriatric Medicine faculty, and directed independent study.  Precepted scholarly pursuits must demonstrate a community health aspect of aging and can be selected from projects in the areas of behavioral health (dementia and depression), cardiovascular prevention  (obesity and healthy lifestyles),  palliative care, sleep disorders and others.  

Seminar topics will provide a foundation in aging, community health, and community based health services research:  1) demographics of aging in the communities of West and Southwest Philadelphia; 2) Health Equity; 3) roles of community based organizations that serve seniors; 4) principles of community health education and health literacy; 5) transitions of care and home health care, and 6) community based participatory research. 

The clinical components include experiences that instruct students in diverse approaches to community health education and service and patient care experiences that emphasize home care and transitions of care.  

The scholarly products may take the form of a paper, research project or quality improvement project precepted by a senior faculty member.    Faculty preceptors bring expertise in anthropology (True) , behavioral health (Streim),  economics (Jayadevappa and Kinosian), epidemiology (Kumanyika), ethics (Casarett), health equity (Johnson), home health care (Miller and Kinosian), nursing (Yudin), and public health (Kumanika).    

Eligible students are persons interested in community health, public health, health equity, and aging.   The Steering Committee members are: Jerry Johnson (track leader), Shiriki Kumanyika, and Amy Corcoran

Year one—required

Clinical experiences

Scholarly Work

Year one--elective

Diverse seminars related to community health

Years 2 and 3—required

Clinical experiences

Scholarly Work  

Years 2 and 3—elective

Transitions of care assignment linked to ACE unit rotation-elective because some students may not be able to obtain the ACE unit assignment

Year 4--required

Clinical experiences-

Scholarly Work- required

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