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grade appeal process


First Appeal

Second Appeal

The description for the Grade Appeal Policy is organized below per Module.  
Module 1

Specific Course

Course Director for that portion

Chair of the appropriate department

Module 2

Organ System Blocks

Course Directors for that Block

Chairs of the appropriate department, except for Cardiology, in which case it is the Associate Dean for Curriculum

Module 3
Clinical Decision Making CDM Course Director Chair for Dept. of Medicine  
Health Care Systems HCS Course Director Director, Leonard Davis Institute  
Introduction to Clinical Medicine/Diff Dx ICM or D.D. Course Director Chair for Dept. of Medicine  
Peds H&P Peds H&P Course Director Chair for Dept. of Pediatrics  

Module 4






A student who wishes to appeal a Module 4 Course Grade must first meet with the clerkship director for feedback within one month of receiving the grade. If, following this meeting, a student intends to formally appeal the grade, they must meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs who will review the appeals protocol with the student and provide guidance during the process.  The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will alert the Clerkship Director that the student wishes to pursue a formal appeal and a subsequent meeting between the student and the Clerkship Director will occur.  If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome and wishes to pursue the appeal further, a Grade Appeal Committee consisting of the Senior Vice Dean of Education, the Associate Dean for Curriculum, and a Module 4 Clerkship Director external to the department in question will review the matter.  The Grade Appeals Committee will independently interview the student and the Clerkship Director. The Grade Appeal Committee’s decision on the matter will be final.

Note:  Students are not to contact the faculty and house-staff who supervised their clinical activity during the clerkship for evaluation feedback outside of the standard evaluation and assessment feedback mechanisms already in place.  If a student is found to have done so, the appeal process will stop and the initial grade will stand. 


Module 5
Frontiers in Medical Science Course Director Associate Dean for Curriculum  
Clinical Rotations Course Director Associate Dean for Curriculum  

Scholarly Pursuit


Associate Dean for Curriculum/ Associate Dean for Combined Degree Programs

Module 6

Professionalism and Humanism courses

Module 6 Director

Chair of Medical Ethics



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