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small group attendance policy

  1. Attendance at all small groups is required.
  2. If a student knows he/she will not be able to attend a session due to illness, family emergencies or other important extracurricular commitments, he/she must submit a Request- for-Time-Off form to Anna Delaney.  If he/she is unable to send Anna the form, email or phone Anna to explain the absence.  She will ask for a form to be submitted once the student can submit one.
  3. Students should follow up with the small group instructor and course director to alert them to their absence and to ascertain if any make-up work is required.
  4. If a student does not contact anyone about an absence and does not sign in during the small group session, Anna will follow up with the student.  The absence will be considered excused or unexcused, depending on the reason for the absence.
  5. If a student accrues two or more unexcused absences per course, the student will lose points on their grade for that course.
  6. Students who do not show up to class without any notification more than twice per course will be required to meet with Associate Dean Goldfarb.  A secondary meeting with Associate Dean Morris may be required.
  7. Repeated or habitual absences, excused or unexcused, will be brought to the attention of Drs. Goldfarb and Morris. 

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