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Medical students must behave with paramount concern for patients' welfare and respect for the rights of patients.  In addition, they must adhere to the highest standards of intellectual integrity and honesty in their interactions with patients, colleagues, faculty and administrators.  Students are expected to adhere to the standards set forth in the Codes of Student Conduct, Academic Integrity and Professional Conduct and the School of Medicine Honor Code.

Code of Student Conduct

Accepting membership into the University of Pennsylvania community as a student entails an obligation to promote its welfare by assuming the rights and responsibilities listed below. Each individual member of this community is responsible for his or her own actions and is expected to respect the rights of others.

Rights of Student Citizenship

Membership in the University of Pennsylvania community affords every student certain rights that are essential to the University's educational mission and its character as a community:

(a) The right to have access to and participate in the academic and non-academic opportunities afforded by the University, subject to applicable standards or requirements.

(b) The right to freedom of thought and expression.

(c) The right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran.

(d) The right to fair University judicial process in the determination of accountability for conduct.

Responsibilities of Student Citizenship

Students are expected to exhibit responsible behavior regardless of time or place. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the University. Responsible behavior is a standard of conduct which reflects higher expectations than may be prevalent outside the University community. Responsible behavior includes but is not limited to the following obligations:

Code of Academic Integrity

Since the most fundamental value of any academic community is intellectual honesty, all academic communities rely upon the integrity of each and every member.  Students are responsible not only for adhering to the highest standards of truth and honesty, but also for upholding the principles and spirit of the following code.

Activities that have the effect or intention of interfering with education, pursuit of knowledge, or fair evaluation of a student’s performance are prohibited. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to the following definitions:

* If a student is unsure whether his action(s) constitute a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity, then it is that student’s responsibility to consult with the instructor to clarify any ambiguities.

School of Medicine Honor Code

All students who matriculate in the School of Medicine are required to sign and abide by the following Honor Code.

Academic Honor Code for the

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine*

I will conduct myself in the highest standards of honesty and integrity in the classroom and in my clinical work as defined below:

I will neither give nor receive aid in examinations or assignments unless expressly permitted by the instructor.

I will report accurately all data regarding history and physical findings, laboratory results, and other information relevant to patient care.

Any research I conduct will be done in an unbiased manner, with results reported truthfully and with credit given for ideas developed and work done by others.

I will not engage in any forms of plagiarism in any manuscript, presentation, or course paper. I understand that plagiarism involves using the exact language of someone else without the use of quotation marks and without giving proper credit to the author, presenting the sequence of ideas or arranging the material of someone else, even though such is expressed in my own words, without giving appropriate acknowledgement, or submitting a document written by someone else but representing it as my own.

I understand that I may be brought before the Student Standards Committee if I violate this honor code.


Signature                                                                                  Date

*Derived from a number of sources including the University of California- San Francisco School of Medicine and Purdue University.

Code of Professional Conduct

The Student Standards Committee (the Committee) has developed policies and procedures which address professional conduct.  Professional conduct includes but is not limited to:

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