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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine (EM) is a diverse and rewarding medical specialty that focuses on the acute care of patients with all types of illnesses. Emergency physicians provide a wide range of services including coordination and supervision of pre-hospital care, and hands on care at the patient’s bedside in the emergency department.  In any one shift, an emergency physician may give advice to a paramedic in the field, direct a major trauma or medical resuscitation, deliver a baby, or splint a broken bone.  In addition to being skilled in a variety of procedures, emergency physicians must be able to recognize serious illness in the early, often benign-appearing stages.  Patients of all ages and with all medical conditions come to the ED and require diagnostics and stabilization and training in EM thus requires a broad based fund of knowledge and skills.  Residency training requires a broad-based training curriculum often including medical critical care, surgical critical care, pediatric critical care, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopaedics, anesthesia, and surgical sub-specialties. EM is a relatively young field and continues to grow in scope.  Current fellowships (ACGME and non ACGME) include EMS, toxicology, pediatric EM, sports medicine, hyperbaric medicine, emergency ultrasound, and medical and surgical critical care.

School Required Sub-I Category:  

EM at HUP (EMR308A)

Department Required Courses:

EM at HUP (EMR308A)

Highly recommended:

Medical Critical Care         

Surgical Critical Care

Infectious Disease
Trauma Surgery



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