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Neurology is a field of medicine that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, ranging from cortical dysfunction through spinal cord disease to peripheral nerve and neuro-muscular conditions. Although imaging provides important information regarding may neurological conditions, it will generally remain an adjunct to skillful physical examinations and thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system. The practice of Neurology involves a significant amount of patient care. Settings include solo and group practice, general hospitals, and academic centers. A significant proportion of neurologic practice involves consultation and coordination of care with other services. Involvement in rehabilitation and working with patients and families coping with debilitating illnesses are important and often rewarding aspects of this field. In keeping with the trend towards ambulatory medicine, an increasing proportion of Neurology patients are seen as outpatients.

School Required Sub-I Category:  

Medicine Sub-I

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Highly recommended:

Another upper level Neurology elective
Rehabilitation Medicine


Pediatric externship
Infectious Disease
Emergency Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Renal Disease

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