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The field of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (also known as "ENT") is a diverse, innovative and exciting specialty which combines the medical and surgical treatment of head and neck pathology. Sub-specialties within Otorhinolaryngology are broad and diverse, including head and neck oncology, skull base surgery, otology, sinus surgery, facial plastic surgery, microvascular reconstruction, pediatric otorhinolaryngology, and laryngology. The appeal of Otorhinolaryngology includes the combination of medicine and surgery, the variety within the field, the intricate and complex anatomy, and to some a better lifestyle than other surgical specialties. However, as with any other field, lifestyle varies according to the chosen sub-specialty. Sub-specialty fellowships in Otorhinolaryngology are mostly two years long and incorporate both clinical duties and research. Overall, Otorhinolaryngology is a highly regarded, very academic specialty, and the competition for residency positions is intense.

School Required Sub-I Category:

All choices (EM, Family Medicine, Medicine, Pediatrics) are possible options with some suggesting that medicine might be most helpful.

Department Required Course:


The VA and Pennsylvania Hospital are good choices for students who wish to broaden their knowledge base but who do not have a career interest on OTO. CHOP is a good choice for students whose primary career interest is pediatrics.

Highly recommended:

Surgical externship
Medicine Sub-I
Plastic Surgery or Neurosurgery


Medical Oncology
Radiation Oncology

To learn more about Penn's Department of Otorhinolaryngology visit their website at:

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