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Modern Psychiatry incorporates advances in genetics, molecular biology, neurobiology, pharmacology and psychology. As a result, Psychiatrists now have a variety of therapeutic modalities available to them in addition to psychopharmacology: individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and non-invasive neuromodulation techniques (ECT and TMS). Advances in all of these fields have led to better treatment for both acute and chronic psychiatric illnesses. Psychiatrists work in a variety of environments, including community-based ambulatory settings, general or psychiatric inpatient settings, and research-oriented academic centers. In the public sector, psychiatrists often become team leader for all mental health professionals. Nevertheless, private practice remains a viable option for many psychiatrists.

School Required Sub-I Category:

Medicine Sub-I or Family Medicine Sub-Ior Pediatrics Sub-I


Psychiatry externship

Highly Recommended:

Addiction/Alcoholism OR

Child/Adolescent Psychiatry OR

Consult-liaison Psychiatry




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