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Psychiatry has come a long way from the early psychoanalytic theories of Freud, incorporating modern advances in genetics, molecular biology, neuro-biology, neuro-radiology, psychology, and pharmacology. Psychiatrists now have a variety of therapeutic modalities available to them including psychotherapy, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, group therapy, ECT, and pharmacotherapy. Advances in all these fields have led to better treatment for both acute and chronic psychiatric illnesses. Psychiatrists today work in a variety of environments, including community-based outpatient practice, general or psychiatric hospitals, HMOs, state-supported facilities, and research-oriented academic centers. In the cost-containing era of managed care, the emphasis of psychiatry has shifted towards outpatient treatment, and often the psychiatrist becomes the team leader of mental health professionals rather than a solo practitioner.

School Required Sub-I Category:

Medicine Sub-I or Family Medicine Sub-I


Psychiatry externship

Highly Recommended:

Addiction/Alcoholism OR

Child/Adolescent Psychiatry OR

Consult-liaison Psychiatry

Pediatrics Sub-I



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