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Module 4 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of Module 4?

Medicine (8 weeks inpatient)
Family Medicine (4 weeks)

Surgery (4 weeks general service/4 weeks specialized service)
Emergency Medicine (3 weeks)
Anesthesia (1 week)

Pediatrics (6 weeks with 3 weeks in outpatient setting)
Obstetrics/Gynecology (6 weeks with 40% in outpatient setting)

Neurology (3 weeks)
Psychiatry (6 weeks with 3 weeks in outpatient setting)
Orthopedic Surgery (1 week)
Otorhinolaryngology (1 week)
Ophthalmology (1 week)

Doctoring II (runs on selected Fridays throughout the 12 months of Module 4)

When does Module 4 begin?

On Monday, January 5, 2015.

Which clerkship should I do first?

You may receive a lot of advice but, in the end, order does not really matter and you will find that any of the grid choices have positive aspects.

How is the overall year order determined?

Through Oasis, an on-line scheduling system, which gives you approximately 7 lottery choices if you are in the MD/PhD program and 48 choices for non-MD/PhD students. You will need to rank all of the selections by October 3, 2014.

How is the course site selection process run?

It is managed via Oasis in several lottery rounds according to the following:



How your choices will look

Family Medicine


Away sites first–alpha order–date order

Inpatient Medicine

Sites are assigned



Local site first–alpha order–date order

Outpatient Pediatrics


Away sites first–alpha order–date order

Inpatient Pediatrics


(Students who are assigned to a non-Philadelphia site for OBGYN are processed in the first half Outpatient Pediatrics lottery.)



Local sites–alpha order

Emergency Medicine


Local sites–alpha order–date order

General Surgery


Local sites first–alpha order–date order

Surgical Sub-Specialties


Local sites–alpha order

Will I have to travel at some time during Module 4?

Yes, traveling during Module 4 is needed. Students who do not have a driver’s license will not be excluded from this requirement but will instead berequired to travel to sites, which are accessible via public transportation or via carpool. Site descriptions should be carefully reviewed and assessed for patient population, hospital/practice characteristics, and travel requirements. Students with unanticipated health issues (e.g.—broken leg) will be accommodated. This process is managed by the Registrar’s Office.

Which clerkships have enough local sites for everyone?

Which clerkships require some students to travel since there are not enough local sites for everyone?

Can I pre-arrange carpools?

No, but you may do so after the lotteries have all been completed.

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