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Educational Pipeline Program


The major objective of this program is for first and fourth year medical students to develop interactive strategies to teach neuroscience and health related topics to teenagers from inner-city high schools. In turn, these high school students get exposure to medical careers and preparation for these professions while learning some important concepts in health education and preventive medicine.

Lessons are taught on Wednesday afternoons in Stemmler Hall during the spring semester beginning mid- January through the end of May. A group of Penn pre-med undergraduates serve as T.A.s for the med students and mentors for the high school students. The T.A.s will attend each lesson, facilitate class discussion, grade homework assignments and informally provide counseling to the high school students.


The Educational Pipeline Program gives medical students the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivities, which are needed for good doctor-patient communications. In exchange for expanding their knowledge in these areas, medical students will also be providing an important health related community service.

Interested students can contact Dr. Roy Hamilton at:

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