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Beck Community Initiative

The training arm of the Beck Community Initiative is a collaborative clinical, educational and administrative partnership between the Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center of the University of Pennsylvania (PENN) and several states and municipalities to disseminate Cognitive Therapy (CT) training and consultation throughout the community mental health networks. Through intensive workshops and ongoing consultation, tangible tools are placed in the hands of those working with people in recovery across the network to provide quality care. The Beck Initiative has seen exciting expansion and innovative development of the trainings for community mental health, broadening the reach of empirically supported treatment to new and diverse populations including children and families, substance abuse, inpatient programs, residential settings, forensic populations, and people with chronic homelessness. This empirically-supported approach to training and implementation is both effective and flexible, allowing for adaptation to different settings, levels of care, and populations.

For clinicians:

  • Core training is available through in-person tailored workshops or web-assisted technology.
  • Group supervision allows clinicians to apply the CT knowledge with their clients.
  • CT competency is evaluated with the gold-standard measure (Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale).
  • Certificates and continuing education credits are available.

For therapeutic milieus and programmatic team approaches to treatment:

  • Transformation of the treatment milieu is delivered through a coordinated treatment team approach.
  • Core training is available through in-person tailored workshops...
  • ...followed by in vivo coaching of staff applying CT principles within their scope of work.
  • CT skills are evaluated through observation and feedback.
  • Certificates and continuing education credits are available.

For information about training opportunities, please visit The Aaron T. Beck Psychpathology Research Center.

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NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship with Dr. Aaron T. Beck. Click here for information.