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Dissemination Research

Training, Dissemination and Implementation Research: Cognitive Therapy in Community Mental Health

The research arm of the Beck Initiative is a collaborative clinical, educational and administrative partnership between the Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center of the University of Pennsylvania (PENN) and several states and municipalities to evaluate the effectiveness of therapist training in CT training, and the impact of that training on clients, therapists, agencies and networks. Please see this webpage for a detailed description of the training arm of the Beck Initiative. Since 2007, the Beck Initiative has been a rousing success, disseminating and implementing Cognitive Therapy across a wide spectrum of setting, populations, and presenting problems. As of early 2012, we have joined with more than 30 agencies, including 18 adult agencies and 12 child agencies, training staff therapists and supervising the implementation of cognitive therapy in client treatment. These trainings have spanned populations from adults with chronic schizophrenia to children in schools, and have included therapists and support staff in classrooms, on ACT teams, and in inpatient care.

For more information, please visit the Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center.


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