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Going Big to Small: How do Macroscopic Measurements of Oxygen and Photosensitizer Concentrations in a Tumor Relate to the Actual Tumor Microenvironment?

Erin Kennedy
mentored by Dr. Theresa Busch and Dr. Shannon Gallagher-Colombo

To determine how macroscopic spectroscopy-based measurements of oxygen and photosensitizer distributions within a tumor compare to the microscopic distribution of these parameters as determined by immunohistochemistry. We hypothesize that regional maxima and minima in oxygen and photosensitizer distributions detected by spectroscopy will be sparially representative of their actual microscopic distributions.

:: Cryosectioning.
:: Immunohistochemistry.
:: Fluorescence Microscopy.
:: Image Analysis Software (ImagePro, Photoshop, MATLAB) and Excel.

The macroscopic measurements aren't perfect, but are still helpful. All the subtle differences in photosensitizer and oxygen ditributions aren't observed, but a general idea of what is present is better than nothing. By comparing the macroscopic data to the microscopic data in the same tumor, we can determine the extent to which signals are being averaged macroscopically.