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Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of MIBG and MABG for Pheochromocytoma

John Mikitsh
mentored by Dr. Dan Pryma, Dr. Ann-Marie Chacko, and Catherine Hou.

:: To radiolabel [125I]MIBG in high purity.
:: To assess the uptake of [125I]MIBG in a pheo model.
:: To assess the therapeutic efficacy of [125I]MIBG in vitro and in vivo.
:: Repeat the above with [211At]MABG as an α-therapeutic.

:: Radiolabeled MIBG using the ultratrace Resin and confirmed purity via TLC, Digital Autoradiography and Phosphorimaging.
:: Performed cell-based radioimmuno assays with [125I/131I]MIBG and MPC 4/30/PRR cells.
:: Performed biodistributions for various studies with mice.

:: [125I]MIBG can be labeled in high purity.
:: The MPC 4/30/PRR cell line takes up [125I]MIBG, but the process needs to be optimized.
:: Ultimately, [131I]MIBG
and [211At]MABG should prove to be a novel therapy for both pheochromocytoma and neuroblastoma.