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Class of 2013

SUPERS students come from colleges and universities from across the country. This year's class has a mean GPA of 3.78. They come from 12 different colleges and universities from across the US and Canada. Their undergraduate majors include, biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, physics, biomedical engineering, mathematics, health physics and animal science.

While spending a summer at the University of Pennsylvania, students will be given projects on which to work. A list of the 2012 projects can be found here.

Christopher Wang
University of Pennsylvania

Brianne Wiemann
Wesleyan College

Muhammad Wahi-Anwar
Pysics BE
Penn State University

Madison Rosen
Bryn Mawr College

Vadim Pigrish
Applied Mathematics
Loyola Marymount

Geoffrey Matthes
Vassar College

Julianne Davis
Rutgers the State University

Rensa Chen
Biotechnology/Animal Science
Rutgers the State University

Dencel Garcia-Velez
University of Puerto Rico

Jennifer Shah
Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
Lehigh University

Returning Students

Roxanne Glazier
Physics / Biology
Washington University of St Louis

Dayton McMillan
Health Physics (BS MS)
Colorado State University

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