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Dr. Bhati Speaking to TMS Support Group of Chester County on December 11

Mahendra T. Bhati, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, will speak to the TMS Support Group of Chester County on December 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the West Chester United Methodist Church, located at 129 S. High Street in West Chester.
The group serves as a support network for those who have been treated or are currently in treatment with TMS therapy. The informal meetings allow individuals to share their experiences with depression and TMS and they provide support to participants through their stories. The group also serves as a support system for family and friends who have experienced depression second-hand. The meetings also serve as a venue for those unfamiliar with TMS therapy to learn more the treatment from practitioners, as well as patients.

For more information about Dr. Bhati’s talk and the group, please call the sponsoring
organization, the TMS Institute of Pennsylvania, at (610) 738-8671.


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