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Center for Weight and Eating Disorders

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We offer a variety of group and individual programs tailored to each individual's needs, all of which emphasize reasonable changes in both weight and behavior.

We promote small changes that last a long time rather than big ones that are short-lived.

Whether you've gained a lot of weight recently or gained it slowly over time, whether you need a flexible plan with many choices or a structured plan that limits choices, we can help.

Bariatric Surgery Program

Members of our staff collaborate with Drs. Noel Williams, Stephen Raper, and Gary Korus, who provide surgical interventions for weight management (at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Presbyterian Medical Center). Candidates for bariatric surgery meet with a member of our staff to help them decide if surgical intervention is the best approach for them.

Compulsive Overeating

We also offer treatment for compulsive overeaters. During the first half of the program, we address the causes and management of uncontrolled eating and do not focus on weight loss. Once overeating is better understood and controlled, participants are instructed in reasonable weight control practices. This program is led by a psychologist and meets weekly for 26 weeks.