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Jacqueline Spitzer, MSEd

Jacque Spitzer is a Research Project Manager at the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania.  Ms. Spitzer received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado and her M.S.Ed. in Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.  She joined CWED in 2009.  Ms. Spitzer's research interests include the psychosocial aspects of obesity and bariatric surgery, including body image, quality of life and relationship satisfaction.

Ms. Spitzer can be contacted at Center for Weight and Eating Disorders, 3535 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.  Her email is


Recent Publications

Sarwer DB, Spitzer JC, Wadden TA,  Mitchell JE, Lancaster K, Courcoulas A, Gourash W, Rosen RC, Christian NJ.  Changes in sexual functioning and sex hormones in women who undergo bariatric surgery.  JAMA Surg, 2014;149:26-33.

Sarwer DB, Ritter S, Wadden TA, Spitzer JC, Vetter ML, Moore RH.  Attitudes about the safety and efficacy of bariatric surgery among patients with type 2 diabetes and a body mass index of 30-40 kg/m(2).  Surg Obes Relat Dis, 2013;9:630-5.

Sarwer, DB, Dilks RJ, Ritter S, Spitzer JC, Moore RH.  Psychosocial Considerations of the Bariatric Surgery Patient.  In:  Herron DM, Sheiner E. (eds.).  Insights into Bariatric Surgery, Postoperative Care and Pregnancy, New York: Nova Publishers, 2013: 27-48.

Sarwer DB, Lavery M, Spitzer J.  A review of the relationships between extreme obesity, quality of life, and sexual function, Obes Surg, 2012; 2(4):668-76.

Sarwer DB, Dilks RJ, Spitzer JC.  Weight loss and changes in body image.  In:  Cash TF, Smolak L. (eds). Body Image: A Handbook of Science, Prevention and Practice, 2nd ed.  New York: The Guilford Press; 2011:369-376.


Jacqueline Spitzer, MS

Jacqueline Spitzer, MS