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Invited Speaker Seminar Series


Seminar Schedule for 2014-2015 (updated 6/16/2015)

Date and Location
Thursday, 10/23/2014
SCTR 10-146AB

Christopher Willey, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
University of Alabama
Hazelrig-Salter Radiation Oncology Center
Title: " Glioblastoma multiforme: of Mice and MARCKS."

Thursday, 10/30/2014
SCTR 8-146AB

Jonathan Lovell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
University of Buffalo
State University of New York
Title: " Drug Delivery Using Porphyrin Nanovesicles."

Thursday, 1/22/2015
SCTR 8-146AB

Nicholas Denko, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
Wexner Medical Center
Ohio State University
Title: "Hypoxic Regulation of Glutamine Metabolism is Necessary for the Growth of Tumors."

Thursday, 2/26/2015
SCTR 8-146AB

James Hansen, MD
Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology
Yale School of Medicine
Title: "Targeting cancer with a lupus antoantibody."

Wednesday, 3/25/2015

Max Diehn, MD, PhD (combined with Visiting Professor Seminar)
CRK Faculty Scholar and Assistant Professor
Department of Radiation Oncology
Stanford University
8:00am "Ultrasensitive Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA by Deep Sequencing." SCTR Auditoirum
12:00pm "Recent Advances and New Frontiers in Radiotherapy for Lung Tumors." TRC2-337W

Thursday, 3/26/2015
SCTR 8-146AB

Joanne Weidhaas, MD, PhD
Professor of Radiation Oncology
Director of Translational Research
Title: "Defining the potential of microrna mutations in cancer."

Thursday, 4/23/2015
SCTR 8-146AB

Sarah McGuire, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
University of Iowa
Carver College of Medicine
Title: "FLT PET Imaging for Pelvic Cancer Treatment and Response Assessment."

Thursday, 5/14/2014
SCTR 9-146AB

Adriana Haimovitz-Friedman, PhD
Attending Radiation Biologist
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Title: "Mechanism of Anti-angiogenic Radio-sensitization to Improve Tumor Cure."

Thursday, 6/25/2014
SCTR 8-146AB

Paul Medin, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Title: "The dose response of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves to single-session stereotactic ablative radiotherapy."


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