Researching bacterial pathogenesis






Amanda Hay
Graduate Student
University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D: Microbiology, 2016 (Expected)

Washington University in St. Louis
Bachelor of Arts: Biology & Biochemistry, 2011
Research Interests:
      Responses by bacteria to host compound during infection. Specifically investigating ways in which V. cholerae has co-opted host bile signals to coordinate several biological processes including biofilm residence and control of virulence gene regulation.

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Leung, W, …Hay, AJ … Elgin, SCR (2015) "The Drosophila Muller F elements maintain a distinct set of genomic properties over 40 million years of evolution." 
G3: GENES, GENOMEs, GENETICS. Mar 4;5(5):719-40 [Total 940 student co-authors, 74 faculty co-authors.]

Stern AM, Hay AJ, Liu Z, Desland FA, Zhang J, Zhong Z, Zhu J. (2012) The NorR regulon is critical for Vibrio cholerae resistance to nitric oxide and sustained colonization of the intestines. 
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