Researching bacterial pathogenesis






David Katzianer
Research Specialist

University of Pennsylvania, B.A, 2007-2011.
Department of Biology
Research Interests::

Ling J*, Zheng H*, Katzianer DS*, Wang H, Zhong Z, Zhu J. 2013. Applying reversible mutations of nodulation
and nitrogen-fixation genes to study social cheating in Rhizobium etli-legume interaction.
PLoS One. Jul 26;8(7):e70138
*co-first author

Pei B*, Wang Y*, Katzianer DS, Wang H, Wu H, Zhong Z, Zhu J. 2013. Role of a TehA homolog in Vibrio
cholerae C6706 antibiotic resistance and intestinal colonization. Can J Microbiol. Feb;59(2):136-9
*co-first author

Chen S*, Wang H*, Katzianer DS, Zhong Z, Zhu J. 2013. LysR family activator-regulated major facilitator
superfamily transporters are involved in Vibrio cholerae antimicrobial compound resistance and intestinal
colonisation. Int J Antimicrob Agents. Feb 41;(2):188-192
*co-first author