2023 Workshop

CAMIPM 2023 Workshop Graphic

Multimodal Imaging of Ketone Body Metabolism in Health and Disease

Thursday, March 16, 2023
BRB Gaulton Auditorium, Ground Floor BRB II Building
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

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9:00 AM  - Welcome/Overview (Ravinder Reddy)


Marc Yudkoff, MD (CHOP)


9:15 AM

Ketone Metabolic Pathways

Rebecca Ganetsky, MD (CHOP)

9:45 AM

Ketogenic Diet in Health and Disease

Detlev Boison, PhD (RWJMS)

10:15 AM 

Coffee Break


10:45 AM

Therapeutic Effects of Nutritional Ketosis for Managing Insulin Resistance and Heart Failure

Jeff Volek, PhD, RD (The Ohio State University)

11:15 AM

Ketone Bodies in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

John Newman, MD, PhD (Buck Institute)

11:45 AM

Fatty Acid Metabolism in Tumors

Steven Kridel, PhD (Wake Forest University School of Medicine)

12:15 -1:15 PM |  Lunch


John Detre, MD (UPenn)


1:15 PM

1H MRS – Applications to Ketone Metabolism

Eva-Maria Ratai, PhD (MGH/Martinos)

1:45 PM

Multinuclear MRS and CEST MRI – Applications to Ketone Metabolism

Ravinder Reddy, PhD (UPenn)

2:05 PM

Prospects for PET-MRI Quantification of Brain Energy Metabolism-Virtual Talk

Keith St. Lawrence, PhD (Western U)

2:25 PM

Downfield Spectroscopy – Applications to Ketone Metabolism

Ravi Prakash Nanga, PhD, R.Ph. (UPenn)

2:45 PM

Transcranial Optical Methods

Arjun Yodh, PhD (UPenn)

3:05 - 3:30 PM  |  Break


Paco Bravo, MD (UPenn)


3:30 PM

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

Christina Bergqvist, MD (CHOP)

3:50 PM

Acetoacetate PET and Ketone Supplementation in Alzheimer's Disease: links to Brain Structural and Functional Connectivity-virtual talk

Stephen Cunnane, PhD (Univ. Sherbrooke)

4:20 PM

Ketones Bodies in Cardiovascular Health and Disease

Payman Zamani, MD (UPenn)

4:40 PM

Ketogenic Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder

Corinde Wiers, PhD (UPenn)

5:00 - 6:00 PM Reception