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Dr. Brodkin and colleague Ashley Pallathra co-author a new book for a general readership entitled Missing Each Other:  How to Cultivate Meaningful Connections

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In their newly-released book, Brodkin and Pallathra provide what Penn Psychology Professor Angela Duckworth calls, “an absolutely compelling perspective on the science and practice of authentic human connection.”  Based on their research and clinical work, the authors identify the essence of human connection in a process they call “attunement”. To explain attunement, they take us on a wide-ranging and surprising journey through social neuroscience and autism research, music, improvisational comedy, pro basketball, and tai chi.  They also provide exercises for the reader to develop their own attunement skills.  More information is available here.


Dr. Brodkin is interviewed by WHYY on the topic of Programs for Adults on the Autism Spectrum


Dr. Brodkin and Colleagues Publish a New Review of Research on Treatment for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Just published from the Brodkin research group—a review of evidence-based research on psychosocial treatments targeting social functioning in adults on the autism spectrum. 


For more research articles by Dr. Brodkin and his colleagues, see Pub Med:


Inaugural Symposium of the Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence that Dr. Brodkin co-directs

Exploring the phenotypic, genetic, and biologic diversity of the autism spectrum

Monday, October 22, 2018 2:00-5:00pm

Jordan Medical Education Center Law Auditorium

Contact ASPE for info regarding the symposium.

ASPE 2018 Symposium Flyer

Asperger Syndrome Program of Excellence at University of Pennsylvania

The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania established ASPE, the Asperger Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorder Program of Excellence, in 2017 to significantly improve the understanding of the genetic causes of Asperger syndrome (AS) / autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in order to energize the research and clinical community across the globe. 
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Online video series on the clinical care of adults with autism spectrum disorder

In a series of four continuing education videos for professionals, Edward S. Brodkin, MD discusses the clinical care of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with other Pennsylvania doctors.  The main theme of the videos is psychopharmacologic treatment, but the videos also cover diagnostic evaluation and behavioral treatments for adults with ASD. 
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A presentation to primary care physicians on the clinical care of adults on the autism spectrum

In a 2014 presentation to primary care physicians at the Pennsylvania Medical Home Initiative meeting, Dr. Brodkin, the Adult Autism Spectrum Program Director, spoke about the biological basis of autism spectrum disorders and treatment of adults on the autism spectrum.  Dr. Brodkin's presentation appears in the last third of the video.
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New Program Addresses Adult Care for Autism

The Daily Pennsylvanian covered the new program for patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families, known as the Penn Behavioral Health’s Adult Autism Spectrum Program. Led by Edward S. Brodkin, MD, the program’s main goal is to help adolescents and adults with ASD and their families optimize their well-being, daily function and the growth of their talents, skills and relationships. 
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When Kids with Autism Grow Up

Edward S. Brodkin, MD was interviewed in a Penn Medicine blog discussing the Adult Autism Spectrum Program and how the program addresses a void in care for adolescents and adults with autism specrum disorder (ASD). 
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