MD Admissions

Modules 5 & 6

modules 5 and 6 chart

Module 5: Electives, Selectives, and Scholarly Pursuit — Individualize Your Education

Final 16 months +

  • A required 4 week sub-internship allows increased responsibility for patient care in general medicine, general pediatrics, emergency medicine, or family medicine
  • Four advanced Penn electives: 16 weeks
  • Two other electives: 8 weeks which can include away US approved electives
  • Scholarly activity with a faculty member for a minimum of 12 weeks that requires students to design and undertake a research project in the lab, clinic, or community and present their work in a formal paper
  • Students earning either an MD/PhD or dual degree (MD/MS) or doing year out research fulfill the Scholarly Pursuit requirement
  • Frontiers in Medical Sciences: 4 weeks that include seminars, lasting one or two weeks, each emphasizing "translational medicine" and bioethics
  • Discipline-based "boot camp" the final month of medical school to prepare for transition into residency
  • Twenty-four weeks of flexible and open time to customize your educational experience, career goals, and personal life
  • USMLE Step 1, 2CK, 2CS taken in Module 5
  • Grading in Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail

The flexible and open time allows students to individualize their educational experience to pursue a certificate, specific dual degrees, or a short-term project in global health; preventive, community, or public health medicine; or health policy and planning.

Module 6: Professionalism and Humanism

August, Year 1 — May, Year 4
4-year continuum

  • Structured experiences to promote humanism, multiculturalism and professionalism, the cultivation of medical collegiality and the doctor-patient relationship
  • Shadowing in the clinical setting with Master Clinicians and role models throughout the four years
  • Grading is Pass/Fail