MD Admissions

Special Study & Research

The School of Medicine offers a nontraditional hands-on approach to global and community health:

  • Field experience in low-income areas, where students work closely with residents, patients and health care workers
  • Research and clinical experiences that last from one month to a year, available in every region of the world
  • International partnerships in Botswana, Guatemala, India and the Dominican Republic
  • Summer community health internships with the Bridging the Gaps program at community sites in under-resourced areas of Philadelphia

Students can choose to incorporate these experiences within the four-year MD program or in addition to it.

Fifth-Year Fellowships

For students who wish to delve more deeply into a subject, the School of Medicine offers a “year-out” option—a student sabbatical for scholarly pursuit—with a wide range of available funding:

  • Society fellowship and grants
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Anatomic Pathology Fellowship at Penn
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Orthopaedics Clinical Research
  • FOCUS on Health and Leadership for Women Fellowship
  • Year-out research funding (through grants)

Please see Research & Fellowship Opportunities for Penn Med Students for complete information on how to pursue elective short-term and year-out projects and funding opportunities.