MD Admissions

Special Study & Research

Measey Primary Care Pathway Program

The Measey Primary Care Pathway Program is designed to prepare Perelman School of Medicine students for careers in:

  • Family medicine
  • General internal medicine
  • Outpatient pediatrics
  • Geriatrics

The program offers rich experiences in the five component areas represented below. Students may apply in their first, second or third year of medical school at Penn.

Global and Community Health

The School of Medicine offers a nontraditional hands-on approach to global and community health:

  • Field experience in low-income areas, where students work closely with residents, patients and health care workers
  • Research and clinical experiences that last from one month to a year, available in every region of the world
  • International partnerships in Botswana, Guatemala, India and the Dominican Republic
  • Summer community health internships with the Bridging the Gaps program at community sites in under-resourced areas of Philadelphia

Students can choose to incorporate these experiences within the four-year MD program or in addition to it.

Fifth-Year Fellowships

For students who wish to delve more deeply into a subject, the School of Medicine offers a “year-out” option—a student sabbatical for scholarly pursuit—with a wide range of available funding:

  • Society fellowship and grants
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Anatomic Pathology Fellowship at Penn
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Orthopaedics Clinical Research
  • FOCUS on Health and Leadership for Women Fellowship
  • Year-out research funding (through grants)

Please see Research & Fellowship Opportunities for Penn Med Students for complete information on how to pursue elective short-term and year-out projects and funding opportunities.