IOA Fellows Program

The IOA Fellows Program brings together researchers, clinicians, and educators with varied interests and achievements in the field of aging. 

There are two levels of IOA fellowship:
  • IOA Fellows: University of Pennsylvania faculty representing one or more of the 12 schools within the University
  • IOA Associate Fellows: Penn staff, adjunct faculty, and colleagues from other institutions who have demonstrated interest in aging-related research, education, or services
Membership benefits include:
  • Funding opportunity alerts for those working in the field of aging, from both the national and state levels
  • The Pilot Research Grant Program which provides initial funding, on a competitive basis, for studies in aging. Approximately 65% of IOA pilot grant recipients go on to receive funding from the NIH. Penn’s IOA Pilot Grants are supported by the Perelman School of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging
  • Communication Updates about IOA Visiting Scholars who are speaking at Penn, as well as news, events, conferences, and symposia in aging 
  • Priority in scheduling meetings with and attending lunches for IOA Visiting Scholars (Fellows only)

To join the Institute on Aging Fellows and Associate Fellows and experience collaborative opportunities in aging at Penn, apply below.

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