APAN Poster Guidelines 2023

APAN - Poster presenter guidelines

As with the rest of APAN 2022, the poster session will take place in person. Thus, presenters should bring a physical poster with them to the meeting. Presenters will be assigned one poster session, either in the morning or afternoon of Nov. 11. During that time, the presenter should be available at their poster for at least one hour to answer questions. 

Posters boards will provided, and posters should fit in a 6 feet wide x 4 feet high (1.8 x 1.2 m) space. We encourage you to be thoughtful about your audience in designing your poster:

  • Major elements of methodology and results should be delineated with large and clear headings. 
  • Figures should be clearly labeled so that they can be understood without a verbal explanation.
  • Fonts should be a minimum of 16 pt. 

Since many APAN attendees will also be presenting the same work at the main SfN meeting, we encourage you to read the helpful poster guidelines and ideas provided by SfN here.