Advances and Perspectives in Auditory Neuroscience (APAN)
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Job Postings for the APAN Community:

  1. Postdoctoral Position in Computational and Systems Neuroscience at U. Connecticut
  2. Postdoctoral Position on the contribution of feedforward and feedback connections to auditory decision-making with Yale Cohen and Joshua Gold at U. Pennsylvania (posted 9Feb2016)
  3. Postdoctoral Position on Speech and Language learning with Edward Chang at UCSF (posted 20Oct2016)
  4. Post-doctoral positions in auditory neuroscience at the University of Maryland  (posted 8Nov2016)

    NEUROSCIENCE, Departments of Psychiatry, Bioengineering and Mathematics,
    University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (posted 19July 2017)

  6. Post-doctora, PhD, and lab manager positions with Tobias Overath at Duke University (posted 13Nov2017)

  7. Tenure-track Assistant Professor Opening - Carnegie Mellon University

  8. Post-doctoral position in auditory cognition and multisensory learning-Newcastle (posted 23June2018)

  9. Post-doctoral position in human auditory neuroscience-University of Memphis (posted 28June2018)

  10. Post-doctoral position in acoustic communication and emotion at NEOMED (posted 26July2018)

  11. Post-doctoral position in cortical auditory neuroscience at UCSF (posted 12Sept2018)

  12. Post-doctoral and graduate positions in cortical plasticity at UTD (posted 14Sept2018)


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