Gary Koretzky, MD, PhD

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Adjunct Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Weill Cornell Medical College
1300 York Ave., Box 65, Room A-125
New York, NY 10065
Office: (212) 746-1361
Cornell University , 1978.
University of Pennsylvania , 1984.
University of Pennsylvania , 1984.
Masters (Masters of Arts, Honorary)
University of Pennsylvania, 1999.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests
- Role of adapter proteins in immune cell development and function
- Signals leading to T cell activation and termination of T cell responses
- In vitro and in vivo function of mast cells and neutrophils

Key words: signal transduction, adapter proteins, SLP-76, DGK-zeta, T-cell activation, TCR signaling.

Description of Research
Our laboratory studies the regulation of signaling events that lead to hematopoietic cell development and function. We make extensive use of genetically altered mice for these studies. To date, we have identified three novel adapter proteins and have made mice deficient in each of these molecules. We have also investigated the role of enzymes by targeted gene deletion. Collectively these studies have provided new insights into how these proteins serve as regulators of multiple lineages in the hematopoietic system.

Lab personnel:
Martha Jordan, PhD (Research Assistant Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine)

Shannon Carty, MD (Instructor, Department of Medicine)
Lauren Banks (Graduate Student)
Mercy Gohil (Laboratory Manager)
Tammarah Sklarz (Research Specialist)

Selected Publications

Smith-Garvin JE, Burns JC, Gohil M, Zou T, Kim JS, Maltzman JS, Wherry J, Koretzky GA, Jordan MS.: T-cell receptor signals direct the composition and function of the memory CD8+ T-cell pool. Blood 116(25): 5548-59, Dec 2010.

Smith-Garvin JE, Koretzky GA, Jordan MS.: T Cell Activation. Annu Rev Immunol. 27: 591–619, 2009.

Bezman NA, Lian L, Abrams CS, Brass LF, Kahn ML, Jordan MS, Koretzky GA.: Requirements of SLP-76 tyrosines in ITAM and integrin receptor signaling and in platelet function in vivo. J Exper Med. 205(8): 1775-1788, Aug 2008 Notes: Epub 2008 Jul 28.

Jordan MS, Smith JE, Burns JC, Austin J-ET, Nichols KE, Aschenbrenner AC, Koretzky GA.: Complementation in trans of altered thymocyte development in knock-in mice expressing mutant forms of SLP-76. Immunity. 28(3): 359-369, Mar 2008 Notes: NIHMSID: NIHMS43353.

Olenchock BA, Guo R, Carpenter JH, Jordan M, Topham MK, Koretzky GA, Zhong XP.: Disruption of diacylglycerol metabolism impairs T cell anergy. Nat Immunol. (eds.). 7(11): 1174-81, Nov 2006 Notes: Epub 2006 Oct 8.

Zhong S-P, Hainey EA, Jordan MS, Nichols KE, Olenchock BA, Shen H, Koretzky GA.: Enhanced T cell responses due to diacylglycerol kinase zeta deficiency. Nat. Immunol. 4(9): 882-90, Sep 2003 Notes: Epub 2003 Jul 27.

Newbrough SA, Mocsai A, Clemens RA, Wu JN, Silverman MA, Singer AL, Lowell CA, Koretzky GA.: SLP-76 regulates Fcgamma receptor and integrin signaling in neutrophils. Immunity. 19( 5): 761-69, Nov 2003.

Clements JL, Yang B, Ross-Barta SE, Eliason SL, Hrstka RF, Williamson RA, Koretzky GA. : Requirement for the leukocyte-specific adapter protein SLP-76 for normal T cell development. Science 281(5375): 416-9, July 1998.

Hovis RR, Donovan JA, Musci MA, Motto DG, Goldman FD, Ross SE, Koretzky GA.: Rescue of signaling by a chimeric protein containing the cytoplasmic domain of CD45. Science 260(5107): 544-6, Apr 1993.

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