Fabrice Roegiers, Ph.D.

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Department: Cell and Developmental Biology

Contact information
Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Office: 215-728-5518
Fax: 215-728-2412
B.S. (Zoology)
University of California, Davis, 1993.
Ph.D. (Physiology)
Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, France, 1999.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests

Mechanisms underlying asymmetric cell division and control of the Notch signaling pathway in Drosophila neural progenitor cells


Asymmetric Cell Division, Notch Signaling, Neurogenesis, Drosophila

Research Details

Our lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms that control developmental cell fate decisions. Our current focus is on asymmetric cell division, a common strategy to achieve different cell fates during development. Dysregulation of asymmetric cell division in stem and progenitor cells likely contributes to a variety of human diseases, including cancer. In Drosophila, neural stem and progenitor cells divide asymmetrically and segregate a cell fate determinant, Numb, to one daughter cell during mitosis. Numb protein functions to inhibit the Notch signaling pathway. We currently use a combination of genetic, biochemical, molecular modeling, and live cell imaging approaches to study how cell fate determinants like Numb are polarized during mitosis, and how, following asymmetric cell division, Notch signaling is activated in one daughter cell and inhibited in the other daughter cell. Our studies have shown that a tumor suppressor gene lethal giant larvae and the novel transmembrane protein Sanpodo establish a specific context for Notch-mediated cell fate assignments in flies. As many of the genetic programs used in asymmetrically dividing cells are evolutionarily conserved, our studies will reveal fundamental mechanisms underlying control of cell fate in development.

Rotation Projects

We are currently addressing the regulation of Notch signaling during Drosophila nervous system development using molecular genetics, live cell imaging, biochemistry and protein structure approaches. Examples of current projects include:

1. Mechanistic analysis of the tumor suppressor genes in Notch signaling and polarity
2. Reprogramming cell stem and progenitor cell fates in the Drosophila nervous system
3. Role of extracellular cues in controlling Notch signaling in asymmetrically dividing cells

Please contact Dr. Roegiers for further details on these or other potential projects

Lab Personnel

Vasundhara Kandachar, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Magdalena Karbowniczek, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Diana Zitserman, BS, Scientific Technician

Selected Publications

Roegiers Fabrice, Kavaler Joshua, Tolwinski Nicholas, Chou Yu-Ting, Duan Hong, Bejarano Fernando, Zitserman Diana, Lai Eric C: Frequent unanticipated alleles of lethal giant larvae in Drosophila second chromosome stocks. Genetics 182(1): 407-10, May 2009.

Stone Michelle C, Roegiers Fabrice, Rolls Melissa M: Microtubules have opposite orientation in axons and dendrites of Drosophila neurons. Molecular biology of the cell 19(10): 4122-9, Oct 2008.

Roegiers, Fabrice. Jan, Lily Yeh. Jan, Yuh Nung.: Regulation of membrane localization of Sanpodo by lethal giant larvae and neuralized in asymmetrically dividing cells of Drosophila sensory organs. Molecular Biology of the Cell 16(8): 3480-7, Aug 2005.

Lai, Eric C. Roegiers, Fabrice. Qin, Xiaoli. Jan, Yuh Nung. Rubin, Gerald M.: The ubiquitin ligase Drosophila Mind bomb promotes Notch signaling by regulating the localization and activity of Serrate and Delta. Development 132(10): 2319-32, May 2005.

Moore, Adrian W. Roegiers, Fabrice. Jan, Lily Y. Jan, Yuh-Nung.: Conversion of neurons and glia to external-cell fates in the external sensory organs of Drosophila hamlet mutants by a cousin-cousin cell-type respecification. Genes & Development 18(6): 623-8, Mar 15 2004.

Justice, Nicholas. Roegiers, Fabrice. Jan, Lily Yeh. Jan, Yuh Nung.: Lethal giant larvae acts together with numb in notch inhibition and cell fate specification in the Drosophila adult sensory organ precursor lineage. Current Biology 13(9): 778-83, Apr 29 2003.

Lu, B. Roegiers, F. Jan, L Y. Jan, Y N.: Adherens junctions inhibit asymmetric division in the Drosophila epithelium. Nature 409(6819): 522-5, Jan 25 2001.

Roegiers, F. Younger-Shepherd, S. Jan, L Y. Jan, Y N.: Two types of asymmetric divisions in the Drosophila sensory organ precursor cell lineage. Nature Cell Biology 3(1): 58-67, Jan 2001.

Roegiers, F. Younger-Shepherd, S. Jan, L Y. Jan, Y N.: Bazooka is required for localization of determinants and controlling proliferation in the sensory organ precursor cell lineage in Drosophila. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 98(25): 14469-74, Dec 4 2001.

Roegiers, F. Djediat, C. Dumollard, R. Rouviere, C. Sardet, C.: Phases of cytoplasmic and cortical reorganizations of the ascidian zygote between fertilization and first division. Development 126(14): 3101-17, Jun 1999.

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