Remy Bosselut, MD, PhD

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Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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Masters ((Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies ))
Université Paris 7, 1987.
Faculté de Médecine Xavier Bichat (Xavier Bichat School of Medicine), 1992.
PhD ("Bases Fondamentales de l'Oncogénèse" (Fundamental Basis of Oncogenesis))
Institut d'Hématologie (Institute of Haematology), Université Paris 7, 1993.
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Selected Publications

Rupp Levi J, Brady Brenna L, Carpenter Andrea C, De Obaldia Maria Elena, Bhandoola Avinash, Bosselut Remy, Muljo Stefan A, Bassing Craig H: The microRNA Biogenesis Machinery Modulates Lineage Commitment during αβ T Cell Development. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 193(8): 4032-42, Oct 2014.

Vacchio Melanie S, Wang Lie, Bouladoux Nicolas, Carpenter Andrea C, Xiong Yumei, Williams Linus C, Wohlfert Elizabeth, Song Ki-Duk, Belkaid Yasmine, Love Paul E, Bosselut Rémy: A ThPOK-LRF transcriptional node maintains the integrity and effector potential of post-thymic CD4+ T cells. Nature immunology 15(10): 947-56, Oct 2014.

Shih Han-Yu, Sciumè Giuseppe, Poholek Amanda C, Vahedi Golnaz, Hirahara Kiyoshi, Villarino Alejandro V, Bonelli Michael, Bosselut Remy, Kanno Yuka, Muljo Stefan A, O'Shea John J: Transcriptional and epigenetic networks of helper T and innate lymphoid cells. Immunological reviews 261(1): 23-49, Sep 2014.

Ciucci Thomas, Bosselut Rémy: A ROG(ue) in charge of the (natural) killers. Nature immunology 15(6): 531-2, Jun 2014.

Ciucci Thomas, Bosselut Rémy: Gimap and T cells: a matter of life or death. European journal of immunology 44(2): 348-51, Feb 2014.

Vacchio Melanie S, Bosselut Rémy: T cell metabolism: microRNAs cap PTEN to feed the expanding crowd. Immunity 38(5): 847-8, May 2013.

Xiong Yumei, Castro Ehydel, Yagi Ryoji, Zhu Jinfang, Lesourne Renaud, Love Paul E, Feigenbaum Lionel, Bosselut Rémy: Thpok-independent repression of Runx3 by Gata3 during CD4+ T-cell differentiation in the thymus. European journal of immunology 43(4): 918-28, Apr 2013.

Williams Linus, Bosselut Rémy: [Interleukin 22 may represent a new therapeutic tool towards thymic regeneration in vivo]. Médecine sciences : M/S 29(1): 11-4, Jan 2013.

Carpenter Andrea C, Grainger John R, Xiong Yumei, Kanno Yuka, Chu H Hamlet, Wang Lie, Naik Shruti, dos Santos Liliane, Wei Lai, Jenkins Marc K, O'Shea John J, Belkaid Yasmine, Bosselut Rémy: The transcription factors Thpok and LRF are necessary and partly redundant for T helper cell differentiation. Immunity 37(4): 622-33, Oct 2012.

Xiong Yumei, Bosselut Rémy: CD4-CD8 differentiation in the thymus: connecting circuits and building memories. Current opinion in immunology 24(2): 139-45, Apr 2012.

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