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Robert A. Lustig, M.D.

Robert A. Lustig, M.D.

faculty photo
Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Civic Center Blvd
2nd floor West
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-349-8429
Fax: 215-349-5445
BA (Biology)
Franklin and Marshall College, 1965.
Jefferson Medical College, 1969.
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Selected Publications

Cooper JS, ZhangQ, Pajak TF, Forastiere AA, Jacobs J, Saxman SB, Kish JA, Kim HE, CMelak AJ, Rotman M, Lustig R, Ensley JF, Thorstad W, Schultz CJ, Yom SS, Ang KK.: Long-term Follow-up of the RTOG 9501/Intergroup Phase III Trial: Postoperative Concurrent Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy in High-Risk Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck. Int J Rad Onc Biol Phys 84(5): 1198-1205, December 2012.

Kranick SM, Campen CJ, Kasner SE, Kessler SK, Zimmerman RA, Lustig RA, Phillips PC, Beslow LA, Ichord R, and Fisher MJ.: Headache as a Risk Factor for Neurovascular Events in Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients. Neurology December 2012.

Willett CG, Moughan J, O'Meara E, Galvin JM, Crane CH, Winter K, Manfredi D, Rich TA, Rabinovitch R, Lustig R, Machtay M, Curran WJ.: Compliance with therapeutic guidelines in Radiation Therapy Oncology Group prospective gastrointestinal clinical trials. Radiotherapy and Oncology 105(1): 9-13, October 2012.

Plastaras J, Lustig, RA, Hill-Kayser CE: Navigating a Data Desert: cochrane Leaves Question of Intracystic Bleomycin Unanswered in Craniopharyngioma. Neurosurgery August 2012.

P. Abrams,K. Winter, W. REgine, H. Safran, J. Hoffman, R.Lustig, A. Konski, A. Benson, J. Macdonald, T. Rich, C. Willett: Failure to Adhere to Protocol Specified Radiation Therapy Guidelines was Associated with Decreased Survival in RTOG 9704-4 Phase III Trial of Adjuvant Chmotherapy and Chemoradiotherapy for Ptients with Resected Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Jan 2011.

Chen, James, Edelstein, Peter s., Johnson, Philip J., Lustig, Robert, Ooi, Lucien: Tumor Resistance to Molecularly Targeted Agents. Journal of Cancer Therapy(2), 258-265, 2011.

Evans, Sydney, Jenkins, Kevin, Chen, H. Isac, Jenkins, Timothy, Judy, Kevin, Hwang, Wei-Ting, Lustig, Robert, Judkins, Alexander, Grady, Sean, Hahn, Stephen and Koch, Cameron: The Relationship Among Hypoxia, Proliferation, and Outcome in Patients with De Novo Glioblastoma: A Pilot Study. Transitional Oncology 3: 160-169, June 2010.

Gasparetto E.L., Pawlak M.A., Patel S.H, Huse J.,Woo J.H., Krejza J., Rosenfeld M.R, O'Rourke D.m., Lustig, r., Melhem E.R., and Wolf R.L.: Post-treatment Recurrence of Malignant Brain Neoplasm: Accuracy of Relative Cerebral Blood Volume Fraction in discriminating Low from High Malignant Histologic Volume Fraction. Radiology 2009(250), 887-896, 2009.

Shinohara E, Maity A, Jha N, Lustig, R.: Sirlolimus As a Potential Radiosensitizer in Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head and Neck. Wiley Inter Sicience on line DO1 10: 1002, April 2008.

Lustig R, Mikkelsen T, Lesser G, Grossman S, Ye X, Desideri S, Fisher J, and Wright J.: Phase II perradiation R115777 (tipifarnig) in newly diagnosed GBM with residual enhancing disease. Neuro-Oncology 2008.

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