Matthew R. Maltese, Ph.D.

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Research Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

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34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
Abramson Research Center, Office: 907C, Lab: 912
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399
BS (Mechanical Engineering)
University of Maryland Baltimore County , 1994.
MS (Mechanical Engineering)
Johns Hopkins University , 2003.
PhD (Bioengineering)
University of Pennsylvania , 2012.
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Description of Research Expertise

My research focuses on all aspects of pediatric bioengineering, on such topics as translating traumatic brain injury mechanism paradigms from adults to children, development of medical devices to enhance pediatric resuscitation and critical care, and design of biofidelic (human-like) pediatric crash test dummies. As a faculty member in both a medical school and biomedical engineering school, I train physicians and engineers. I direct biomechanics research in the clinical and laboratory research setting, and am the Executive Director of an FDA-funded consortium to develop pediatric medical devices. My research is funded by federal and industry grants and is widely published, and I am a frequent invited speaker at academic and industry venues worldwide.

Selected Publications

Rasmussen L, Rodriguez S, Bowers M, Franzini G, Gentile CA, Ascione G, Hitchner R, Taylor J, Hoffman D, Moy L, Mark PS, Prillaman DL, Nodarse R, Menegus MJ, Carpenter R, Martin D, Maltese MR, Seacrist T, Furlong C, Razavi P, Martino G: "Synthetic Muscle electroactive polymer (EAP) based actuation and sensing for prosthetic and robotic applications" Proc. SPIE 10594 20, Mar 2018.

Hauschild HW, Humm JR, Pintar FA, Yoganandan N, Kaufman B, Maltese MR, Arbogast KB: "The influence of child restraint lower attachment method on protection offered by forward facing child restraint systems in oblique loading conditions" Traffic Injury Prevention 19(Sup 1): S139-S145, 2018.

Hauschild, H. W., Humm, J. R., Arbogast, K. B., Maltese, M. R., Pintar, F. A., Yoganandan, N., Kaufman, B.: "Protection of Children in Child Restraint Systems in Oblique Impacts: Relative Motion of the Child and Child Restraint" 25th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) 25(17-0018), June 2017.

Napolitano N, Nishisaki A, Buffman H, Leffelman J, Maltese MR, Nadkarni VM: "Redesign of an open-system oxygen face mask with mainstream capnometer for children" Respiratory Care 62(1): 70-77, Jan 2017.

Hauschild, Hans W., John R. Humm, Frank A. Pintar, Narayan Yoganandan, Bruce Kaufman, Jinyong Kim, Matthew R. Maltese, and Kristy B. Arbogast: "Protection of children in forward-facing child restraint systems during oblique side impact sled tests: Intrusion and tether effects." Traffic Injury Prevention 17(supl): 152-162, October 2016.

Maltese MR, Margulies SS: "Biofidelic white matter heterogeneity decreases computational model predictions of white matter strains during rapid head rotations." Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 19(15): 1618-1629, April 2016.

Polster CJ, Pietila T, Deckx J, Maltese MR: "Development of a pediatric brain model of the six year old human." The Eleventh World Congress on Brain Injury 11, Feb 2016 Notes: The Hague, The Netherlands; Poster.

Wolfe HA, Maltese MR, Niles DE, Fischman E, Legkobitova V, Leffelman J, Berg RA, Nadkarni V, Sutton RM: "Blood pressure directed booster training improve intensive care unit provider retention of excellent CPR skills." Pediatric Emergency Care 31(11): 743–7, Nov 2015.

Hauschild HW, Humm JR, Pintar FA, Yoganandan N, Kaufman B, Maltese MR, Arbogast KB: "The Influence of Enhanced Side Impact Protection on Kinematics and Injury Measures of Far- or Center-Seated Children in Forward-Facing Child Restraints." Traffic Injury Prevention 8(16): Suppl 2:S9-S15, Oct 2015.

Elliott MR, Margulies SS, Maltese MR, Arbogast KB: "Accounting for Sampling Variability, Injury Under-reporting, and Sensor Error in Concussion Injury Risk Curves." Journal of Biomechanics 48(12): 3059-65, Sep 2015.

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