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Sandra Weibel,

Sandra Weibel

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Contact information
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
834 Walnut Street, Suite 650
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Office: 215-955-6591
Fax: 215-955-0830
University of Pennsylvania, 1982.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1986.
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Selected Publications

Vahid, B., Weibel, S.: Glioblastoma multiforme disguised as sarcoidosis: pitfalls in diagnosis. Southern Medical Journal 100(3): 335, Mar 2007.

Vahid B., Mushlin N., Weibel S.: Sarcoidosis in pregnancy and postpartum period. Current Respiratory Review 3(1): 79-83, February 2007.

Vahid, B., Esmaili, A., Weibel, S.: Dyspnea and chronic bronchitis in a man with ulcerative colitis. Journal of Respiratory Disease January 2007.

Vahid B, Weibel S : Management of Corticosteroid-Refractory Neurosarcoidosis. Clinical Pulmonary Medicine 13(6): 328-331, November 2006.

Vahid, B., Nguyen, C., Weibel, S. : Scrotal swelling and sarcoidosis. Am. J Med 119(11): e3, Nov. 2006.

Biroschak J., Read A., Evers-Casey S., Weibel S., Leone F.T.: Initial validation of a new assessment instrument intended for use in physician-guided cessation interventions. Proceedings of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco POS2-128: 107, 2006.

Evers-Casey, S., Veloski, J., Weibel, S., Leone, FT. : Predicting clinical behavior using the University of Rochester Risk Factor Interview Scale (URRFIS). Proceedings of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco RPOS-68: S19, 2006.

Leone FT, Evers-Casey S, Weibel S: Integrating tobacco use treatment into your practice. Counter Details. The Pennsylvania Medical Society's Center for Professional Education August 2005.

Hoff N., Evers-Casey S., Weibel S., Patkar A., Leone F.T. : Impact of genetic risk information on smokers’ motivation to quit. Proceedings of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco RP-062: S16, 2005.

Evers-Casey S., Patkar A., Weibel S., Leone F. : Tobacco-related knowledge and attitudes do no relate to provider self-efficacy. Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 10th Annual Meeting. Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco February 2004.

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