Juan B. Grau, MD

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Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Department of Surgery
Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
51 North 39th Street
PHI - Suite 2A
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 662-9595
Fax: (215) 243-3243
Luis Vives High School, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain, 1984.
Alcala de Henares University School of Medicine, Madrid, Spain, 1990.
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Selected Publications

Ferrari G, Sainger R, Beckmann E, Margulies KB, Grau JB: Differential expression of osteopontin MRNA splice variants in aortic valve leaflets of patients with calcific aortic valve disease compared to healthy subjects. World Congress of Cardiology 2010, June 16-19, 2010, Beijing, China 2010.

Grau JB, Field B, Hinmon R, Sainger R, Seefried W, Poggio P, Ferrari G: p38MAPK controls angiogenesis in degenerative aortic valve degeneration. European Society of Cardiology, ESC 2010, Aug. 28-Sept 01, 2010, Stockholm, Sweden 2010.

Grau JB, Poggio P, Sainger R, Seefried WF, Field B, Hargrove CW III, Ferrari G: Comparison of gene expression profiles between normal and prolapsed p2 segments of myxomatous mitral valves leaflets. American Heart Association Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2010, Technological and Conceptual Advances in Cardiovascular Disease, July 19-22, 2010, Rancho Mirage, CA 2010.

Beckmann E, Grau JB, Poggio P, Ferrari G: State-of-art review: Insights into the use of bio-markers in calcific aortic valve disease. Journal of Heart and Valve Disease in press 2010.

Grau JB, Eckhauser A, Hargrove C: Endoscopic mitral repair: Evolution to robotics (endo-ballon technique). Robotic Cardiothoracic Surgery: Atlas and Guide. Chitwood WR, Kernstine K (eds.). Philadelphia: WB Saunders/ Elsevier, in press 2010.

Ferrari G, Beckmann E, Sainger R, Keller G, Yu P, Monti M, Galloway AC, Grau JG: Validation of plasma biomarkers in degenerative calcific aortic stenosis. Journal of Surgical Research in press 2010.

Yu PJ, Skolnick A, Ferrari G, Heretis K, Mignatti P, Pintucci G, Rosenzweig B, Diaz-Cartelle J, Kronzon I, Perk G, Pass HI, Galloway AC, Grossi EA, Grau JB: Correlation between plasma osteopontin levels and aortic valve calcification: Potential insights into the pathogenesis of aortic valve calcification and stenosis. Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery 138(1): 196-99, Jul 2009.

Gulkarov I, Bohmann K, Cinnante KM, Pirelli L, Yu PJ, Grau JB, Pintucci G, Galloway AC, Mignatti P: Topical mitogen-activated protein kinases inhibition reduces intimal hyper-plasia in arterialized vein grafts. Journal of Surgical Research 154(1): 150-56, Jun 2009.

Grossi, Eugene A. Schwartz, Charles F. Yu, Pey-Jen. Jorde, Ulrich P. Crooke, Gregory A. Grau, Juan B. Ribakove, Greg H. Baumann, F Gregory. Ursumanno, Patricia. Culliford, Alfred T. Colvin, Stephen B. Galloway, Aubrey C.: High-risk aortic valve replacement: are the outcomes as bad as predicted? Annals of Thoracic Surgery 85(1): 102-6; discussion 107, Jan 2008.

DiGiorgi, Paul L. Baumann, F Gregory. O'Leary, Anne M. Schwartz, Charles F. Grossi, Eugene A. Ribakove, Greg H. Colvin, Stephen B. Galloway, Aubrey C. Grau, Juan B.: Mitral valve disease presentation and surgical outcome in African-American patients compared with white patients. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 85(1): 89-93, Jan 2008.

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