Aditi Murthy, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3rd Floor Wood Building
3401 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Anthropology/General Biology)
University of Michigan, 2008.
University of Pennsylvania - Perelman School of Medicine, 2013.
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Selected Publications

Heller Elizabeth, Murthy Aditi S, Jen Melinda V: A slime of the times: Two cases of acute irritant contact dermatitis from homemade slime. Pediatric dermatology 36(1): 139-141, Jan 2019.

Murthy Aditi S, Kinsler Veronica: White scarlike lesions in a female infant with bilious emesis and sixth nerve palsy. Pediatric dermatology 35(2): 242-243, Mar 2018.

Murthy Aditi S, Dawson Annelise, Gupta Deepti, Spring Shanna, Cordoro Kelly M: Utility and tolerability of the long-pulsed 1064-nm neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet (LP Nd:YAG) laser for treatment of symptomatic or disfiguring vascular malformations in children and adolescents. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 77(3): 473-479, Sep 2017.

Murthy Aditi S, Leslie Kieron: Autoinflammatory Skin Disease: A Review of Concepts and Applications to General Dermatology. Dermatology (Basel, Switzerland) 232(5): 534-540, 2016.

Sagdeo Aditi, Gormley Rachel H, Abuabara Katrina, Tyring Stephen K, Rady Peter, Elder David E, Kovarik Carrie L: The diagnostic challenge of vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: Clinical manifestations and unusual human papillomavirus types. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 70(3): 586-8, Mar 2014.

Sagdeo Aditi, Gormley Rachel H, Wanat Karolyn A, Xu Xiaowei, Rosenbach Misha, Takeshita Junko: Purpuric eruption on the feet of a healthy young woman. “Flip-flop vasculitis” (exercise-induced vasculitis). JAMA dermatology 149(6): 751-6, Jun 2013.

Lowenthal Elizabeth D, Ellenberg Jonas H, Machine Edwin, Sagdeo Aditi, Boiditswe Sefelani, Steenhoff Andrew P, Rutstein Richard, Anabwani Gabriel, Gross Robert: Association between efavirenz-based compared with nevirapine-based antiretroviral regimens and virological failure in HIV-infected children. JAMA 309(17): 1803-9, May 2013.

Sagdeo Aditi, Chu Emily Y, Elenitsas Rosalie, Rubin Adam I: Multiple asymptomatic violaceous macules on the thigh. Multinucleate cell angiohistiocytoma (MCAH). JAMA dermatology 149(3): 357-63, Mar 2013.

Cerdá M, Sagdeo Aditi, Johnson J, Galea S: Genetic and environmental influences on psychiatric comorbidity: a systematic review. Journal of affective disorders 126(1-2): 14-38, Oct 2010.

Cerdá Magdalena, Sagdeo Aditi, Galea Sandro: Comorbid forms of psychopathology: key patterns and future research directions. Epidemiologic reviews 30(1): 155-77, 2008.

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