Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department of Radiation Oncology
TRC 4 West, 4-324W
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Phiadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 614-1605
MPhys (Physics with Medical Technology)
University of Hull, 2000.
MSc (Medical Physics)
University of Glasgow, 2002.
Ph.D. (Radiobiology)
Imperial College, 2008.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Proton and convencional radiotherapy

Description of Research Expertise

Clinical and theoretical radiobiology
High-LET radiobiology and radiotherapy
Radiobiological Optimization
TCP/NTCP specific for high-LET radiations
Repair kinetics modeling
Proton Arc Thereapy

Selected Publications

A. BERTOLET, A. CARABE-FERNANDEZ : "LET painting through proton monoenergetic arc therapy (PMAT) to enhance RBE" Medical Physics 2020.

Alejandro Bertolet, Alejandro Carabe: Clinical implications of variable relative biological effectiveness in proton therapy for prostate cancer. Acta Oncologica., 2020.

Bertolet, Alejandro; Carabe, Alejandro : "Proton Monoenergetic Arc Therapy (PMAT) to enhance LETd within the target" Physics in Medicine and Biology 2020.

Carabe-Fernandez, Alejandro; Karagounis, Ilias; huynh, Kiet; Bertolet, Alejandro; François, Noelle; Kim, Michele; Maity, Amit; Abel, Eric; Dale, Roger: "Radiobiological effectiveness difference of proton arc beams versus conventional proton and photon beams" Physics in Medicine and Biology 2020.

Alejandro Bertolet, Veljko Grilj, Anna Baratto-Roldán, Miguel Antonio Cortes-Giraldo, Consuelo Guardiola, Andrew D. Harken, Alejandro Carabe, : "Experimental validation of an analytical microdosimetric model based on Geant4-DNA simulations by using a silicon-based microdosimeter" Radiation Physics and Chemistry 2020.

Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez, Alejandro Bertolet-Reina, Ilias Karagounis, Kiet Huynh, Roger G Dale: Is there a role for arcing techniques in proton therapy? British Journal of Radiology 2020 Notes:

A. HAERTTER, J. LIU, A. BERTOLET, A. CARABE-FERNANDEZ : "Delivery of Proton Monoenergetic Arc Therapy (PMAT) and Measurement with Radiochromic Films" Medical Physics 2020.

Bertolet, Alejandro; Cortes-Giraldo, Miguel; Carabe, Alejandro: On the concepts of dose-mean lineal energy, unrestricted and restricted dose-averaged LET in proton therapy. Physics In Medicine and Biology 2020.

Perales, Álvaro; Baratto-Roldán, Anna; Kimstrand, Peter; Cortes-Giraldo, Miguel; Carabe, Alejandro: "Parameterising microdosimetric distributions of mono-energetic proton beams for fast estimates of yD and y*" Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 2019.

Alejandro Bertolet, Anna Baratto-Roldan, Sofia Barbieri, Giorgio Baiocco, Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez, Miguel Antonio Cortes-Giraldo: Dose-averaged LET calculation for proton track segments using microdosimetric Monte Carlo simulations. Medical Physics 2019.

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