Susanna M Nazarian, M.D, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Division of Transplant Surgery
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street, 1 Founders
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-4912
Fax: 215-615-4900
B.S (Biochemistry and Comparative Literature)
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1997.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2003.
Ph.D. (Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation)
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public, 2009.
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Selected Publications

Varga AN, Johnson D, Sawinski DL, Lim MA, Bloom RD, Abt PL, Goral S, Bleicher M, Levine MH, Naji A, Nazarian S, Porrett P, Trofe-Clark J: Safety and Feasibility of Outpatient Rabbit Antithymocyte Globulin Induction Therapy Administration in Kidney Transplant Recipients. Pharmacotherapy 6(38): 620-627, June 2018.

Nazarian SM, Levine MH, Amaral S: Invited Letter Re: The Kidney Allocation System and Its Implications for Pediatric Recipients (IN PRESS). American Journal of Transplantation April 2018.

Bromberger B, Spragan D, Hashmi S, Morrison A, Thomasson A, Nazarian SM, Sawinski D, Porrett P: Pregnancy-Induced Sensitization Promotes Gender Disparity In Living Donor Kidney Transplantation. Journal of The American Society of Nephrology 28(10): 3025-3033, Oct 2017.

Koyawala N, Silber JH, Rosenbaum PR, Wang W, Hill AS, Reiter JG, Niknam BA, Even-Shoshan O, Bloom RD, Sawinski D, Nazarian SM, Trofe-Clark J, Lim MA, Schold JD, Reese PP: Comparing Outcomes Between Antibody Induction Therapies in Kidney Transplantation. Journal of The American Society of Nephrology 28(7): 2188-2200, Jul 2017.

Goldberg DS, Abt PL, Blumberg EA, Van Deerlin VM, Levine M, Reddy KR, Bloom RD, Nazarian SM< Sawinski D, Porrett P, Naji A, Hasz R, Suplee L, Trofe-Clark J, Sicilia A, McCauley M, Farooqi M, Gentile C, Smith J, Reese PP: Trial of Transplantation of HCV-Infected Kidneys Into Uninfected Recipients. New England Journal of Medicine 376(24): 2394-2395, Jun 2017.

Emond JC, Goodrich NP, Pomposelli JP, Baker TB, Humar A, Grant DR, Abt P, Freise CE, Fisher RA, Kam I, Sherker AH, Gillespie BW, Merion RM : Hepatic Hemodynamics and Portal Flow Modulation: The A2ALL Experience. Transplantation May 2017.

Nazarian SM, Hwang J, Gupta M, Goldshore M: Transplantation for the General Surgeon: History of Transplantation, End-Organ Donation and Allocation, Transplant Regulation and Ethics. Scientific American Surgery. DECKERx. Ashley SW (eds.). 2017.

Nazarian SM, Peng AW, Duggirala B, Gupta M, Bittermann T, Amaral S, Levine MH: The Kidney Allocation System Does Not Appropriately Stratify Risk of Pediatric Donor Kidneys: Implications for Pediatric Recipients. American Journal of Transplantation 2017.

Kakourous N, Nazarian SM, Stadler PB, Kickler TS, Rade JJ: Risk Factors for Nonplatelet Thromboxane Generation after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery. Journal of the American Heart Association 5(3), March 2016.

Nazarian SM, Reese PP: Insights From a Ten-Year, Prospective Study of Live Kidney Donors. Transplant International 28(11): 1265-1267, Nov 2015.

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