Paul L Haun, MD, MS

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology
Staff Physician, CMC VA Medical Center
Department: Dermatology

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Dermatology
3600 Spruce Street
Maloney Building, 2nd Fl.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-7961
BS (Biology with English and Philosophy concentrations)
Hampden-Sydney College, 2001.
MS (Biology-Molecular Pathway)
Georgia State University, 2006.
Medical College of Georgia, 2011.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Cutaneous Lymphoma-Clinical and Pathologic

Description of Research Expertise

Cutaneous Lymphoma

Selected Publications

Jaclyn Rosenthal Himeles, Joseph Holton, Carmela Vittorio, Alain H Rook, Paul Haun, Jennifer Villasenor-Park, Sara Samimi, Ellen J Kim : Paying the Price of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma: An analysis of recent trends in skin directed and self-administered systemic treatment costs in the United States for Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma. JAAD July 2022.

Karolyn A Wanat, Ludmila Perelygina, Min-Hsin Chen, LiJuan Hao, Emily Abernathy, Nicole R Bender, Bridget E Shields, Barbara D Wilson, David Crosby, John Routes, Sara S Samimi, Paul L Haun, Olayemi Sokumbi, Joseph P Icenogle, Kathleen E Sullivan, Misha Rosenbach, Beth A Drolet: Association of Persistent Rubella Virus With Idiopathic Skin Granulomas in Clinically Immunocompetent Adults. JAMA Dermatology June 2022.

Weiner DM, Clark AK, Bhansali R, Pappas-Taffer L, Barta SK, Villasenor-Park J, Haun PL, Vittorio CC, Rook AH, Kim EJ, Samimi SS.: Usage and Safety of Topical Tacrolimus in Patients with Mycosis Fungoides. Clin Exp Dermatol March 2022.

Musiek ACM, Rieger KE, Bagot M, Choi JN, Fisher DC, Guitart J, Haun PL, Horwitz SM, Huen AO, Kwong BY, Lacouture ME, Noor SJ, Rook AH, Seminario-Vidal L, Vermeer MH, Kim YH.: Dermatologic Events Associated with the Anti-CCR4 Antibody Mogamulizumab: Characterization and Management. Dermatol Ther 12(1): 29-40, Jan 2022.

Musiek ACM, Whittaker S, Horowitz SM, Bagot M, Huen A, Fisher DC, Haun P, Vermeer MH, Ito T, Dwyer K, Herr F, Kim YH: Characterization and outcomes in patients with mogamulizumab-associated skin reactions in the MAVORIC trial. Eur J Cancer 156(Suppl 1): S46, Oct 2021.

Lee K, Evans MG, Yang L, Ng S, Snowden C, Khodadoust MS, Brown RA, Trum NA, Querfeld C, Doan LT, Song J, Zhang H, Gru A, Wood GS, Wada DA, Shanmugam V, Haun PL, Aster JC, Duncan LM, Guitart J, Weinstock DM, Nardi V, Choi J: Primary Cytotoxic T-cell Lymphomas Harbor Recurrent Targetable Alterations in JAK-STAT Pathway. Blood 138(23): 2435-2440, Aug 2021.

Shields BE, Perelygina L, Samimi S, Haun P, Leung T, Abernathy E, Chen MH, Hao L, Icenogle J, Drolet B, Wilson B, Bryer JS, England R, Blumberg E, Wanat KA, Sullivan K, Rosenbach M.: Granulomatous Dermatitis Associated With Rubella Virus Infection in an Adult With Immunodeficiency. JAMA Dermatology 157(7): 842-847, July 2021.

Lewis DJ, Haun PL, Samimi SS, Vittorio CC, Villasenor-Park J, Barta SK, Landsburg DJ, Svoboda J, Nasta SD, Schuster SJ, Rook AH, Kim EJ.: Brentuximab Vedotin for Relapsed or Refractory Sézary Syndrome. JAMA Dermatology 157(3): 317-321, March 2021.

Durgin JS, Jariwala N, Wysocka M, Zhang K, Maity A, Benoit B, Plastaras JP, Lewis DJ, Rosenthal JM, Teague JE, Berg S, Del Guzzo C, Kim EJ, Vittorio C, Haun PL, Samimi SS, Villasenor-Park J, Inverso J, Clark RA, Rook AH: Low-Dose Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy as Part of a Multimodality Regimen for Sézary Syndrome: Clinical and Molecular Analysis JAMA Derm 157(1): 90-95, Jan 2021.

Weiner DM, Clark AK, Moon AT, Haun PL, Samimi SS: A case of nevoid follicular mucinosis in a child. JAAD Case Reports 2021.

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