Naomi Nevler, MD

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Research Assistant Professor of Neurology
Department: Neurology

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3 West Gates
3400 Spruce Street
Philadlephia, PA 19104
Tel-Aviv University, 2001.
Tel-Aviv University, 2006.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Neurology; cognitive neurology; behavioral neurology; aphasia; dementia; FTD; neurodegenerative disorders; Primary progressive aphasia

Description of Other Expertise

sports medicine; military medicine; pre-hospital life support; public health

Description of Research Expertise

speech analysis; FTD; language; aphasia; neurolinguistics; Frontotemporal degeneration; NLP; natural language processing; ASR; automatic speech recognition

Selected Publications

Sanjana Shellikeria, Sunghye Chob, Katheryn A.Q.Cousins, Mark Liberman, Erica Howard, Yvonne Balganorth, Daniel Weintraub, Meredith Spindler, Andres Deikf, Edward B.Leeg, John Q.Trojanowski, David Irwin, David Wolk, Murray Grossman, Naomi Nevler: Natural speech markers of Alzheimer's disease co-pathology in Lewy body dementias. Parkinsonism & Related Disorders 102: 94 - 100, September 2022.

Sunghye Cho, Katheryn Alexandra Quilico Cousins, Sanjana Shellikeri, Sharon Ash, David John Irwin, Mark Yoffe Liberman, Murray Grossman and Naomi Nevler.: Lexical and Acoustic Speech Features Relating to Alzheimer Disease Pathology. Neurology April 2022 Notes: Online ahead of print.

Cho, S., Agmon, G., Shellikeri, S., Cousins, K., Ash, S., Irwin, D., Spindler, M., Madiedo, A.D.A., Elman, L., Quinn, C., Liberman, M., Grossman, M., Nevler, N. : Prosodic characteristics of prepausal words produced by patients with neurodegenerative disease. 2022, 120-124, doi: 10.21437/SpeechProsody.2022-25 Proceedings Speech Prosody 2022.

Cho S, Nevler N, Parjane N, Cieri C, Liberman M, Grossman M, Cousins KAQ.: Automated Analysis of Digitized Letter Fluency Data. Front Psychol 12: 654214, Jul 2021.

Cho S, Nevler N, Ash S, Shellikeri S, Irwin DJ, Massimo L, Rascovsky K, Olm C, Grossman M, Liberman M.: Automated analysis of lexical features in frontotemporal degeneration. Cortex 137: 215-231, Apr 2021.

Howard E, Irwin DJ, Rascovsky K, Nevler N, Shellikeri S, Tropea TF, Spindler M, Deik A, Chen-Plotkin A, Siderowf A, Dahodwala N, Weintraub D, Shaw LM, Trojanowski JQ, Vaishnavi SN, Wolk DA, Mechanic-Hamilton D, Morley JF, Duda JE, Grossman M, Cousins KAQ.: Cognitive Profile and Markers of Alzheimer Disease-Type Pathology in Patients With Lewy Body Dementias. Neurology 96(14): e1855-e1864, Apr 2021.

*Cho S, *Nevler N, Shellikeri S, Parjane N, Irwin DJ, Ryant N, Ash S, Cieri C, Liberman M, Grossman M.: Lexical and Acoustic Characteristics of Young and Older Healthy Adults. J Speech Lang Hear Res 64(2): 302-314, Feb 2021 Notes: *equivalent contribution.

Healey M, Howard E, Ungrady M, Olm CA, Nevler N, Irwin DJ, Grossman M.: More Than Words: Extra-Sylvian Neuroanatomic Networks Support Indirect Speech Act Comprehension and Discourse in Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia. Front Hum Neurosci 14: 598131, Jan 2021.

Bleich-Cohen M, Gurevitch G, Carmi N, Medvedovsky M, Bregman N, Nevler N, Elman K, Ginou A, Zangen A, Ash EL.: A functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of prefrontal cortex deep transcranial magnetic stimulation efficacy in adults with attention deficit/hyperactive disorder: A double blind, randomized clinical trial. Neuroimage Clin 30: 102670, 2021 Notes: randomized clinical trial.

Parjane N, Cho S, Ash S, Cousins KAQ, Shellikeri S, Liberman M, Shaw LM, Irwin DJ, Grossman M, Nevler N.: Digital Speech Analysis in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Syndromes. J Alzheimers Dis 82(1): 33-45, 2021.

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